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    Have something to say about MSD Passwords? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than MSD Passwords, post it here! If you know of issues with MSD Passwords, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    program tam olarak ne açıklayıcı bir yazı bulamadım nasıl kullanılır bunla ilgili bir video var mı

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    david roper

    Tried to register, Use two words, nope. Used one long word, nope, took off CR-LF on the right ends of ALT-C-opied word, nope. typed in two words by finger, Upper case, lower case, nope. i give up. Whatever happened to a good old 8 digit simple reg code. The product is $19, not $190

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    как сделать программу MSD паролей на русский язык?

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    It is a very complex, not intuitive program and hence not easy to master. Besides, everything is too wordy. However it seems to have potential. I wonder how many of the options are really necessary.
    I hope I have the time to read the instructions and explore to whole program some time soon.
    Thanks for the offer though.

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    John Koch

    I installed program and it opened. First page it asked for your key: Courtesy of MSD Soft
    I looked around a bit, then I closed the program. Tried to open the program again and a small box opens I put the same password in, press accept and it says that the password is invalid. I tried deleting the program and reinstall but now I get the same message.
    I cannot use the program.

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    Very easy installation and registering process
    You must copy the two lines as one block, then it registers immediately

    Yes, programme looks different from other password programmes
    but I find it neat and well informing

    Company from 1997, residing in Las Palmas, Spain
    Besides this programme they have 10 others
    All well explained, with snapshots and manuals

    Tobiasson, Oslo, Norway

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    To help anyone who has had problems entering the code.. Listen up. When the program starts after install click on Maintenance (top left) and then tic ‘Unlock the Program’ (bottom link).. A box will appear, paste the code inside the box exactly like this: Courtesy of MSD Soft
    This should instantly be accepted and a confirmation will pop up to let you know it took.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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