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    Have something to say about MSTech Paint Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than MSTech Paint Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with MSTech Paint Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Each time I try to register Paint Pro it says “problem of connectivity, check your internet connection”, while I have 5 more pages perfectly connected to internet and working. I don’t know what to do, because I have the SW, I have the registration number but it doesn’t connect to validate. Could you help with that before the promotion expires, please? I tried many times, I couldn’t make it wrong that many times. Appreciate your concern.

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    Mary Johnson

    Dear Ramarwall,
    Please create an offline request and send it to “sale@mstech-co.com”.

    Best Regards,
    Mary Johnson,
    MSTech Support Team

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    Jack A Nichols

    Worked for me fine through internet. Put the license key in the place where the serial number was requested. Server took less than 15 seconds to activate.

    You might have some kind of blocking or firewall between you and their server, like maybe your ISP, or if you are at work.


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    Thumbs down from me so far. I like the idea of this program but… It tries to install to root of C drive. Not sure if it’s a 32-bit or 64-bit program or if installer decides. I changed it to a folder within Program Files. Installer took a LONG time for such a small program. When it finished, and program finally started, I clicked on Help>Contents. Got an error message that the app tried to make a bad application call (sorry, don’t remember for sure). Ok, must be a 32-bit app, so I uninstalled. Only 1 trace left behind, an empty registry entry for mstpaint — better than most uninstallers :-)

    Tried re-installing in Program Files (x86). When program ran, I clicked on Contents in the Help menu. After about 30 seconds the program exited with no error message… just crashed when doing something as simple as requesting help.

    So after all this, I still don’t know if it can create SVG (vector) images. From web page it sounds like it can only recolor and hide parts of them. Masking layers are very good thing! Don’t know if layers support transparency levels, or the usual blend options found in other programs. Don’t know what text control is possible (character or line spacing? centering? wrap? flow from one text box to another?).

    I had hopes this would be a good tool for combining and arranging several outputs from other programs, especially since few handle SVG files. Might give it another try but first impression is not good.

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    Elu Nia

    I downloaded this program from sharewareonsale.com. The program does not accept the license number given there.
    How do I legally register it?

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    Elu Nia

    Ok. My problem solved successfully. Thanks.

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    Igor Klotsman

    msthech pro whanted activate, i input all it need and than – “activation error! check your internet connection”
    inet cjnnection is good.
    please, help

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    Rui Lima

    I can´t activate because I didn´t receive an answer from sale@mstech-co.com.
    I filled the form, I created a request file “Rui Lima – MSTech Paint Pro.mstreq” and I sent it to sale@mstech-co.com with my e-mail of 06/07/2020. As till now I had no answer with the license file I sent more 3 mails, 2 in 06/07/2020 and 1 in 07/07/2020. No answer so I can´t register.
    Help, please
    Thank you
    Rui Lima

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