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    Have something to say about Nature Illusion Studio? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Nature Illusion Studio, post it here! If you know of issues with Nature Illusion Studio, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    super program ,dakujem

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    The program “Life Photo Maker” interface (almost) is the same as that of “Nature Illusion Studio”.
    The size of the installation files is almost the same.

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    This kind of software is unacceptable in 2018. It looks like a software grabbed from ’00. It have some issues supporting HD photos, the effect quality is extremely low (it could be fine for fifteen years ago, but not now). You can’t change FPS of effects so everything looks unreal. It has export to .AVI and imports only JPG and BMP. Sound effects are in low quality and you can hear artifacts, for other image effects you can choose from mainly water effects, yet it still would look unrealistic. Don’t bother this software, even if it’s free.

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    Downloads correctly. Zemana real-time protection turned off. Nufsoft won’t “install.” It says “need write privilege” from administrator although “hub” installer administrative privilege was used. As it is NOT a standalone install program there is no way to execute a 2nd admin. privilege. Ideas?

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    Well maybe for arty type playing around with sharply striking, non-real, effects it’s worth a try. Gotta wonder though when this sloppy verbiage — “without living your desk!” — pops out at you in the Nature Illusion Screensaver section.

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    Felix Crevat

    I like simple single-purpose programs like this, but after trying it I think it falls short. I tried just taking a photo of our house in the snow and adding animated snowfall and background music. The photo drag-and-drop into the import dialog box didn’t work, had to use the file browser. The imported photo didn’t zoom to fit automatically, and there wasn’t a one-button zoom-to-fit. The default snow animation was lame, and it was a bit difficult to adjust. The animation settings didn’t save properly with the project. Background music had to be in .wav format, couldn’t accept mp3. Export to video file only allowed avi format with whatever default codecs were installed. The snow animation effect wasn’t right in the exported video (way different than shown in the preview), and the animation froze a few seconds into the video. Tried with different codecs and resolutions, same thing. Animated GIF export worked, but of course no sound. So my evaluation is that it has too many limitations and bugs to be useful.

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    Would not register. Could not add any objects, anis, etc. Uninstalled.

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    As always – SoS comes to our rescue with the programs we need, but didn’t even know existed :)

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    Jimmy Mac

    Doesn’t really do much in standard mode.You have to upgrade to “Pro” version.

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    Thank You Very Much for your Work and actions!


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    [ @Maki] Go to http://nufsoft.com/download.php and you will find this System Requirements Windows 2000-XP-Vista(32/64bit)-7(32/64bit).

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    Nature Illusion Studio will not install on my computer

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    Paul Vaillancourt

    I bought this program several months ago got nothing in reply , they got my money, and I’ve gotten a learning experience out of it. Still waiting to here from them. Beware this is not a good company .Didn’t answered any of my E-mails. buyer beware.

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