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    Have something to say about Nero MediaHome 2018? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Nero MediaHome 2018, post it here! If you know of issues with Nero MediaHome 2018, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Zecweek Ladad

    I wish the description was more clear. It doesn’t seem to have a main function or point of what it does.

    That reCAPTCHA has issues. I can’t believe they make it so hard. Once, I went twenty rounds with it. One time recently, it wouldn’t take anything I gave it. What do people use their service, when there are much simpler, less aggravating options available?

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    Koos van Duinen

    Goed programma. Goed aangepast aan windows 10 een genot om er mee te werken

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    Nero MediaHome 2018 не устанавливается на компьютер. Проверьте Nero Self Extractor

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    Why should I agree to install “reboot validator” as part of this program ?
    no explanation whatsoever… ?
    I stopped the installation

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    Phil K

    I have Nero 2017 and never use this. It is slow clunky and full of unnecessaryadditives. Takes an age to start up too.
    Take my advice don’t bother

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    Pat Crawley

    excellent program – invaluable help. thanks

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    Unfortunately, the program is not installed on the computer. At the latest final stage, the installation stops. Reboots and new installations did not fix the situation. Windows 10 /64 /

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    Ahcene AMRANi

    Je tiens à vous remercier vivement.

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    John H

    Began the installation and it popped up an information window saying the installation could not continue until “Reboot Verifier” was installed.
    Nope…not going to happen…stopped install. I don’t care if it’s a 100% safe program, if something in an installer tried to install something other than what it says it’s installing, that ends it for me.

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    Nero is so scary.

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    Charles Swayzer


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    What about…

    I would be interested to know which video file formats can be visioned with this crippled “Standard” version (normally, as said, 20$), since there is an “Unlimited” version (they call it that, 40$, “now 30$”), BUT nowhere, they give any indication about the differences beyond saying that among other things, the “Standard” version can not play all of the “Unlimited” version’s video file formats.

    And then, I would like to know if the video playing quality here is better than say with 5k Player (always free), and/or if this thing here has got more buttons than 5k Player: for exemple for “slower/faster speed” and/or for “go back/forth 30 seconds” or similar?

    Since the installation does not seem to be a no-brainer, not speaking of its size, almost 300 MB, these infos would be useful to know before trying the install, then, in case, the de-install; as for the non-video-playing functionality, from user reviews (also on amazon, cnet…) it seems the program almost always says you must pay 5 bucks or so for this functionality, and then for that, and for other one…

    So after all, its only interest would probably lie within good-quality, good-convenience video play, IF it brings that.

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    Would not install. As per the review the installation process fails when it tries to install the Microsoft VC components which I presume already exists as there is no helpful information shown.

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    Installation fails every time.

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