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    Have something to say about Nero MediaHome 2019? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Nero MediaHome 2019, post it here! If you know of issues with Nero MediaHome 2019, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Alice Taylor

    Thank you so much. Do you perhaps have a free download of PDF converter to word? I am retired and the programs are so expensive.

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    Hello, i have installed NMP 2019, but cant play mkv file, ask another aplication

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    Hello, this Nero 2019 program does nothing, if it comes to extracting or recording, you have to buy the complete program,

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    Paul Meichenbaum

    I have tried to download Nero Mediahome 2019 it seemed to run. It never asked me for the license key and never appeared on my computer. I tried to download it again,but it will not allow it. I would still like to uprade my computer because I am currently running Mediahome 2017. Please advise my course of action. Thank you.

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    I also found the installation to be non-functional. After installing the SoS download package and rebooting as required (ugh!), I opened the Nero ControlCenter and entered the key, which was accepted as a key for Nero MediaHome 2019 Standard. Then I opened Nero Start, and everything on the panel requires a separate download. I downloaded and installed Nero MediaHome from there, and it won’t accept the key. It says it’s a valid key, but not for MediaHome.

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    Any support for Roku?

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    [ @Ashraf]

    [ @Alice Taylor]

    Kein Download der Installationsdateien möglich

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    P Cheung

    Hi Sharewareonsale:
    I am unable to install Nero MediaHome 2019. I downloaded the installer through your link. After installation, I tried to install Nero MediaHome by selecting the icon in the Nero Home UI. I received the message that the registration code is valid but not for Nero MediaHome.

    I uninstalled the application, included the downloaded installer. Can you reset my download request so that I can re-try the installer again?

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    Neromediahome19 does not download or showup on my computer. It shows in my SD card but doesnt open. I quit. Not worth the stress.

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    This sounded perfect….just what I needed this winter to finally get all my photos under control. However, it failed to install on either of my two computers, which are only 1 and 2 years old! Guess I will keep on looking. Rated 1 star, because I couldn’t give it a 0.

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    [ @Ashraf]

    The download is the free version from Nero Mediahome 2019, which cost no money.

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    I have not had such a bad program on my computer for a long time. First, the installation takes a long time and then have videos that run smoothly with Windows Media Player, in the player of Nero sound and picture misfire. No thanks I will uninstall it directly!

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    Lloyd Stafford

    It seems to be a chronic problem with many of these “Free” apps on Shareware on Sale in that they have a multitude of issues that render them a hassle, and frequently a waste of time, if not more dire in messing up a computer.
    It seems like the solution to this common issue is for Shareware on Sale to actually test these and make sure they actually do work as the description narrative says they will work, and not just a rehashed buggy issue. The way it seems to work now that that the offerings are made with no more care than like FACEBOOK passing on fake news with no consideration as to the truth. Shouldnt we expect and get more than that from Shareware on SAle??

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    james lister

    I downloaded it three times and each download said it would not run on my computer.

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