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    Have something to say about novaPDF 11? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than novaPDF 11, post it here! If you know of issues with novaPDF 11, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    John Franklin

    Good Morning (or) Afternoon!

    Never yet have I failed yet when I come to your website
    to have this problem: I find a piece of wanted freeware good!
    Then, I go to the developer’s website, look at features and most
    times all that’s missing from whatever is offered here and their
    “higher” edition. Can I still use it? Is it worth the next series
    of hassle and time?

    Now it gets complicated and time consuming to download.. why?
    First, I have to use this “automated” address at yahoo.com. Then,
    I now have to go get “keys” and this and that. Then I have to wait
    for a email to retrieve keys. Then see IF (because its not always
    clearly said) can i reinstall as needed or is this just a one time

    *** Right now after waiting over an hour and a half (typical btw)
    I still do not have my nova PDF key *** but that’s o.k.

    The fun of using it had disappeared now after all this and now why bother?

    Every single time…


    1. Do I use “social media” or not? Y or N? If N, here’s a link
    to BOTH download out “hub” installer (which sadly wont also let
    you for whatever reason there may possibly be save the install program also)
    AND the registration ~ ONE not more than ONE step.

    2. ONLY carry programs which allow reinstallation and insist on this. One time
    use in 2021 is antiquated and causes needless problems for “end users”. WHY?

    3. Once you send a key, please dont shut down your window and ay we did our part
    bye! A little later, send a “bot message” did your key arrive? did you have any
    problems? Do you need further help? You can write this quickly and send it automatically
    it would make a world of difference to show you care.

    4. Tell which software version it is in BIGGER type so older people who dont have the eyes
    of a 7 year old can easily read it please.

    5. Why is my “gender” important? Would you like to ask skin color how I voted or level of

    Please make things simple quick easy. I hope this “feedback” helps others.

    Thankfully, there are many PDF printers. But (sad).. Have a blessed day.

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    Cait Dhubhgaill

    The registration site will not let you send unless you grant them access to usage and accept their privacy policy. I’m sorry but my data and usage is MY DATA AND USAGE PATTERN. There are too many hackers out there to risk being hacked for out of date “lite” and barely functional software.

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    Gian Carlos Covre

    Since my MS printer don’t work anymore, PDF Nova v9 come in hand to help, because other programs are slow, too many clicks to print or just don’t work properly. Now I should try this v11. Thanks.

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    Thanks, Ashraf, for the great giveaway.
    Best regards

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    Pffft …… I can get more features with Adobe Reader and it’s absolutely free!

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    Hello, Mr. Boss,
    For the second time, I have filled the information to receive the license key for this program. No key has been received yet. Can you look into this pls?

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