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    Have something to say about novaPDF Standard 8? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than novaPDF Standard 8, post it here! If you know of issues with novaPDF Standard 8, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Hi, I install nova pdf 9 lite from preview giveaway can install both versions on one system?

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    Bruno Schäfer

    Some days ago, I downloaded NovaPDF (Standard free, as on offer here currently) from another download site where for installation of programs, users must disable their antivirus tool.

    After installation, Kaspersky then told me about 6 (what it called) “trojans”, citation:

    C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\DriverPackageIdx64.9.1.232\novapdfMagazine(x64).msi

    C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\DriverPackageIdx64.9.1.232\novapdfMagazine(x64).msi//media1.cab//Drv_X64_x64novacl9.exe.72A9CD98_5CBE_467F_BECE_EDCD99690ECF

    C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\OemPackageIdx64.9.1.232\novaMagazineConf(x64).msi




    That’s why I kindly ask other users about their advice.

    a) Simply a “false positive”, 6 times?

    b) Real virus/trojan within that install from the other side, but no such virus/trojan within the current download of the same program?

    c) Real virus/trojan, independent from even the other install, but which installed itself into my novaPDF install from that other side (since, as said, for installation of the program, my antivirus (Avast) had been disabled during 10 minutes)?

    Thank you!

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    Bruno Schäfer

    Additional problem: The install with the virus or (falsely?) checked as such by Kaspersky is 9 Lite, whilst 8 Standard is on offer here.

    So I have the same question as Alireza: Will both installs live together in piece, or should I de-install 9 Lite before installing 8 Standard? And in which way 9 Lite (IF it’s not virus-ridden) would be preferable to 8 Standard?

    Thank you!

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    David Roper

    I hope this is the old version 8 with no new tricks. Version 9 stinks and I had to go use another driver.

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    Great software. Have just installed tried: no hitch. Would happily recommend
    Thank you Nova8PDF and SharewareOnSale
    Sam-Ottawa Canada

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    Works great…thank you!

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    K R Russel

    I downloaded this software from Shareware.com yesterday and installed it on my Windows 7 Professional laptop. After installation I found that all of my Word, Excel and PDF files got corrupted and read like gibberish. Windows and Adobe Acrobat could not recognize these files. Un-installation of the software did not help. Unfortunately, I did not have a backup of many of these important files.

    System restore made the files readable again and I backed up these files to an external disc. However, when I shut down the computer and restarted today, the same problem came up again.with all the files. Also, the files that I backed up on the external disc when they were readable are back to gibberish and unreadable. Another system restore did no work.

    Can you please help with a solution
    Thanks in advance
    K R Russel

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