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    Have something to say about OnlineTV 13? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than OnlineTV 13, post it here! If you know of issues with OnlineTV 13, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Andrés Flórez

    No se molesten en instalarlo, la mayor parte de las funciones (búsqueda de vídeos, emisoras de radio y canales de tv ) no funcionan. Además el soporte es nulo, pues llevo esperando más de un año a que me den solución a estos aspectos y no he recibido ninguna contestación. Les he enviado casi una docena de emails y nada de nada.

    Do not bother to install it, most of the functions (search videos, radio stations and TV channels) do not work. In addition, the support is null, because I have been waiting for more than a year to solve these issues and I have not received any reply. I sent them almost a dozen emails and nothing at all.

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    Radwan Salhani

    Dear Sir.

    This sofrware isn’t working with Windows 64 .

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    When I clicked on “Click here to request your unlock code” I got”

    Malwarebytes PREMIUM Website blocked due to a Trojan

    Your Malwarebytes Premium blocked this website because it may contain a Trojan. We strongly recommend you do not continue.
    What is a Trojan?
    I want to continue to this site anyway

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    Bonjour a tous
    fonctionne mais peu de choix et avec les ayants droits en France fonctionne pas toujours je conseille de ne pas l’installer ,choisissez ADSL TV plutôt il prend en compte les chaines fournit par les fournisseurs internet et choix plus important en terme de tv,radio et cast ,point positif l’interface facile a comprendre et intuitive et très sobre et on se perd par dans les options
    utilisation du test sur Windows 10 pro 64 bits
    merci a l’auteur pour avoir mis a disposition son logiciel

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    problème dans la retranscription de mon message ,du petit chinois comme on dit

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    Nao me aparece o codigo de activaçao, como devo proceder


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    Malawarebyes reports a trojan as posted above…could vendor correct problem and provide link to clean setup file?

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    after jumpiing thru all the hoops and registering and getting serial number and giving away all my info to a german company i finally started the program and immediately Bitdefender caught about 10 instances of this program attempting to send my unencrypted password. so what gives SOS. don’t you guys do some sort of quality control? ???? now i have to take this program and dump it in the garbage.

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    I did not like the program
    1. Not all email box are suitable for registration.
    2. When recording video does use a microphone instead of a stereo mixer

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    Bill Stinkwater

    After installing this program, a goat came crashing through my window. I demand a refund.

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    Bill…that’s the famous EuroGoat…especially bred to collect funds from USA users. There is no refund available, but you can request a store credit for Sicilian Lederhosen.

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    [ @vip]

    Similar situation here.
    I got this program from another site some time ago. I have not been using it recently, but today after having read your comment, I tried to run this program, but my newly installed BitDefender blocked it from running because it found it dangerous.

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    Could be an interesting offer if not for several issues:
    1. Installer offered the Russian language, but the installed program remained in German.
    2. The program requires registration, including mandatory newsletter subscription (likely can be canceled later)
    3. The service does not allow registration with e-mails in the .RU zone, thus making it impossible to use for me.
    4. Poor translation of the registration web page. Some lines are not translated into English at all.

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    @Radwan Salhani
    Issue: 64-bit Windows…
    For me it IS working – meanwhile SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED on 5 different machines with Windows 10 64 bit

    What you could start with is this:
    – look for flash payer
    – check if you country is supported
    – go to the providers homepage and leave a note/question or ask for help

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