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    Have something to say about onlineTV 17 Plus? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than onlineTV 17 Plus, post it here! If you know of issues with onlineTV 17 Plus, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Installing this on 32Bit Windows 10 displays an error message about not being able to install to 64 bit locations.
    Clicking on the message it then “completes” however when trying to launch it simply does not do anything.

    Installing on 64bit Windows 10, is fine.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    Without any interest .. totally useless.
    Very few channels available on the Television tab, and on the OnlineStreams tab, most channels are inaccessible for various reasons. Free .. and “gratis” software do better than this … “trick” …

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    And furthermore, there’s not even an uninstaller to remove this awful thingy? Do we have to delete everything “by hand”? No, but, who are we kidding?

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    Max Ray

    [ @Ashraf]
    I have been running version 16 with no problem for a long time. I installed the new version 17 and chose to not uninstall the version 16 fortunately, because this version 17 will not run on my computer. It immediately crashes even though all other applications on my computer were shut down before running it. I am running Windows 7 Pro. After several tries, I am giving up on this one. If you are currently running version 16 just fine, don’t uninstall it because this version might not work for you and you would have deleted a version that works. I am grateful for the version 16 that I got here a long time ago and it meets my tv needs so that I don’t even have a tv. Unfortunately, the version 17 doesn’t work for me, but thank you for the offer.

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    Only 5 countries and only some 50 channels. I awfully disappointed. The program is deleted.

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    I had downloaded and installed this software from another site and never could get it to work. I was able to uninstall it using Revo Unistaller Pro which thankfully scanned it a selected a lot of stuff that was scattered over my hard drive and in the registry.

    This program sounds good, but unfortunately Online17 just seems to not run for me.

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    I have version 16 on my laptop and 17 on my desktop (Win10 Pro) I am able to use both very easily and have had no trouble on either. I installed this and use a vpn to enable to view out of area sporting events over the past several years. I have appreciated SOS for a long time and will continue to do so. Remember, you do not have to download the free software; it is your decision to do so. Also for those who claim you can’t uninstall something…try revo free uninstaller. I discovered Software Organizer here and then purchased same. It traces any installation and removes same when necessary. Thank you Ashraf!

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    Go back to ver 14 and running 16 just fine for what it does – a few local US major channels. Read replies & kept 16. Did install of 17 but before trying for serial process at end of install, Webroot detected Threat. W32.Adware.Gen Don’t rem if I kept it for 16 and not so much a threat or not. Anyway given the posts about problems with 17 I’m removing traces. Thanks anyway.

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    Puede of shit

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    And furthermore, there’s not even an uninstaller to remove this awful thingy? Do we have to delete everything “by hand”? No, but, who are we kidding?

    To uninstall this from Windows, you have a few different methods:

    1. Right click on the entry in the Windows 10 menu and choose uninstall
    2. In Windows 10/11, go to the Settings – Apps page, click on it within the list and choose Uninstall
    3. All versions of Windows, open the Control Panel, go to the Programs and Features section, click on it and choose uninstall

    I hope that helps

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    Ah Ye Lee

    I installed onlinetv 17 plus without problems but it failed to run on my Windows 7 Pro! Uninstalled finally…

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    I can confirm that the OnlineTV version 18 trial installs on 32 bit windows fine. Wouldn’t it be nice if @ashraf could organize a key for that version instead.

    Anyway, I have emailed Engelmann and reported the issue. Lets see if they respond.

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    I own Online TV 16 and hardly ever use it. Only a dozen propaganda channels from the European Union,
    the USA and England are broadcast on it. There is not a single Russian channel on it,
    which became fashionable and popular after the sanctions imposed on Russia.
    TV channels from Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece and others are missing.

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    Razkal Anon

    Its asking me for a key code

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