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    Have something to say about O&O Defrag 20 Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than O&O Defrag 20 Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with O&O Defrag 20 Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    wheres the licence key

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    Jason Sessions

    Mixed views on this product.. standard stealth & space defrag options seem to work well but when I tried complete/name option hundreds of files disappeared or couldn’t be accessed on drive tested. I’m no expert but could this have been the MBR being corrupted so it wasn’t pointing to correct file locations any more? Fortunately I had a clean, recent backup so just restored, no long-term harm done. I’ve searched web for anyone else experiencing same without success so maybe this was a one-off or drive had already been corrupted and defrag process just compounded it. Product gets glowing reviews generally.

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    still no licence key , i wont bother installing it

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    Stephen Bennett

    O&O Defrag 21 has no application for SSDs other than TRIM function—Correct?

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    Hello Ashraf – Hello friends:

    A few years ago I’ve tried out once “O&O Defrag 18 professionals x64” – result:

    Windows 8.1 crashed and afterwards had to be restored – ironically with a backup of “O&O Disk image 9 professionals x64” – result:

    Niente – nada – nothing – nix: A disaster!

    And just I call since that time the software: “O&O Disaster professional”(-;

    Fortunately, I still had a backup of “Paragon backup and Recovery 2014 Free” – this was my rescue. :-)

    I leave the defragmentation since then again “Windows Blue”: Everything works flawlessly.

    Cheers from Berlin(-:

    @sos – Thanks for being online^^

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    [@Jason Sessions]
    You wrote: “Product gets glowing reviews generally”.

    Would you mind to provide some links to prove your claim?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Just google O&O Defrag Review.. every review I read was positive.

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    robert davies

    waited for nearly 24 hours still haven’t received the license key ??

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    Helene Boucher

    J’ai déja essayé ce logiciel dans le passé, et je trouve qu’il est tres performant.
    J’ai essayé la version 17 ensuite 18 et maintenant c’est la 20 .
    J’ai bien hate de recevoir la clef d’installation.
    Bien a vous

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    philippe candas

    still no news of my license key

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    You missed my point. I asked the poster if he could provide the links for what he calls the “glowing reviews”.

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    Helene Boucher

    La gratuité de ce produit est maintenent terminé et nous n’avons toujours pas recu de vos
    nouvelles , meme pas un petit mot d’encouragement.

    Bien a vous

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