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    Have something to say about O&O DiskImage 12 Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than O&O DiskImage 12 Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with O&O DiskImage 12 Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    harry edel

    I did not get the free licence key for O&O DISKIMAGE 12 PRO on today’s shareware for sale offer after following the instructions???

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    Doesnt work

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    Chris W

    Current Version of this software is V15 Version 12: October 25 2017. End of support was December 31 2019.

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    [ @Chris W] Thanks for the warning.

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    Osborne Lamoree

    THIS time around let’s hear from either The Boss or O&O about the license issue before there are mountains of requests for a solution, please. The last time around, I, among others did not get the license and upon installation it is either enter the code or BUY… So lets hear from you or you. Thanks.

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    Marion Davis

    I did not get the free licence key for O&O DISKIMAGE 12 PRO on today’s shareware for sale offer after following the instructions???

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    Mike Macrae

    Hi Ashraf & Crew – I hope you’re all Safe & Well during this awful Pandemic.

    Ashraf may remember me ( or not ) from my many & Long-Detailed Assistance posts & Replies on Giveaway of the day.com ( explaining to the Non-Tech users what a few of the Softwares did & whether or not they would require that software ) about a Decade ago – I quit when they introduced Wrappers that left tracers behind. I’m certainly pleased to see you guys do the Exact Opposite. I’ve been downloading from Ashraf’s sites ever since – including Dot.Tech & of course SOS.

    Anyway – the reason for my message ( it is NOT a Technical Request ) – 2 Weeks ago – I got a couple of Softwares from O&O ( I’ve been using their stuff for Years ) through your site BUT their Registration Pages were in German. That in itself wasn’t an issue but what is an issue is that ALL my Promo e-Mails from O&O are now ALL in German – prior to this Registration – they were always English.

    I’m well aware this isn’t your fault BUT I’d suggest you request that ALL links from your site are in English in future to prevent this from reoccurring. I’m guessing that every SOS User who chose to Register your O&O Giveaways has experienced the same issue – which won’t look good for you. I know from history that Ashraf has only ever wanted his users to have a Good experience & if someone tries your site for the first time & gets that issue – they won’t come back !!!

    I did e-Mail you already about this when it happened & obviously I TRIED to contact O&O also but I’ve heard nothing back. As a result – I had to cancel the O&O Promo e-Mails as they were useless to me.

    PLEASE insist on an English Landing Page for O&O Promos so it doesn’t screw up again.

    Cheers for now . . .
    – Mike –
    Mike Macrae
    Aka Macs-PC ( was on GAOTD also )

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    Key does not work

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    d adams

    Also did not receive my key in email. An old program and non delivery does not inspire confidence in the publisher.

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    Key works perfectly fine

    Get the English version of the software here

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    Osborne Lamoree

    STILL no key… what is the secret to get a key? A bribe? A payment? Unsubscribe from SOS?

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    Chave de activação não recebida. A tentar desde 22/05/2020

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    Osborne Lamoree

    STILL… no key, no O&O explanation, no word from SOS… OH! I see I have 7 more days to download and apply for program key… I’ll do it every day! And what do I get? NOTHING from anybody. Not only does it make O&O look bad, but it may confirm that Ashraf/SOS doesn’t care. Stay safe.

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    This is BOGUS. I’m completely disappointed. I all followed instructions as outlined in the checkout page. I never received the email with the registration key as promised. I tried at least a dozen times over a 24 hour period. As suggested, I also checked my spam folder many times. What a waste of time. Be forewarned, check the other comments. You’ll waste your time as well.

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