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    Have something to say about O&O DiskImage 17 Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than O&O DiskImage 17 Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with O&O DiskImage 17 Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I’ve been waiting for two hours now and nothing? It’s unpleasant, I feel stupid!

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    george rezac

    The O-O site thanked me for registering, but nothing came in my email. Tried a different email provider (yahoo). Got the O-O email, clicked on the link, and was told my issue would be reviewed (no registration key provided, though).

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    Peter Blaise

    The OO-Software.com/de site did not even respond – do I have to VPN to Germany first?


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    Worked like a charm for me. I got my S/N within 30 seconds!

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    John USA

    After registering with O&O I never received the registration serial.
    This was a complete waste of my time.
    I am now forced to uninstall this useless program.

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    Peter Russo

    [ @Ashraf]

    [ @Ashraf] Installation of free shareware offer will not complete. Message says 32 bit install is necessary on my computer. My computer is 32 bit NOT 64bit. setup needs to be 32 bit version.

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    No error messages, but installation begins and then suddenly stops and nothing has been installed. This was just after a computer restart (Windows 10). I tried 5 times and always the same result.

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    Installation and registration was easy, but the program was installed in German.
    The help page says that it is possible to change to, among other things, to English, French, etc. but it is impossible to find that setting in the program.
    My English is better than my German, so maybe I have to uninstall the program, unfortunately, because I need such a tool.

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    Problem solved.
    I installed from the link in the email and it failed.
    Uninstalled and installed from the HUB link and now it’s in English. :)

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    Sludge Hound

    Took 5 hours to get code after first link set pretty fast to a Yahoo acct I did other stuff 10:30am ET until 3:30 pm. Install time ok following SOS tips on where to use both lines filled w/ your email addy
    used to get code. Used the d/l link at SOS.
    Ok layout BUT here’s the time waster again. Said will take 1 hr + to do a large new SSD that is 20 mins under Macrium Reflect. Pass, even as a backup program. Need to generate a boot source too for recovery
    as with MR and others.
    Finally be careful to read the assigned disk and its number. My C drive lists as #3 while a large HD 2 tb is listed first as #0. One expects to copy 0 to 1 or 2 or 3. Nope have to do 3 to 0.
    Thanks for chance to try a diff backup.

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    Could not register. Never got a serial number. Uninstalled. Big time waster.

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    Followed the required process and requested registration code at 4pm, received it at 12:00am, 8 hours later. Typed in my email and code and OODisk Image was registered and started up. One email and code per computer, Have not had time to see if works with my Win 10 but it seems pretty professional. Thanks Shareware.

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    After I shut down Malware Hunter, the program finally installed! Now I’m waiting for the registration number.

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    I never received a key for the program! It’s been 24 hours, I’ve used three emails,I turned on VPN for Germany and still nothing, waste of time!Why offer a gift when they can’t serve it? Or is this a kind of advertisement?

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