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    [ @Igor]
    Same here. What a mess!!!! Uninstalled!!!!

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    From the site :

    System requirements of PDF OCR

    To use your PDF OCR software effectively, ensure that you have a supported Windows OS. The acceptable ones include the following:

    – Microsoft Windows XP SP3
    – Windows 2003
    – Windows 2000
    – Windows ME
    – Windows Vista
    – Pentium Processor
    – Pentium 4 or higher

    Having the right OS is not all; the PC has to have enough RAM and hard disk space. In this case, you need 128 RAM or more. The much recommend is 256MB RAM. Second, you need 20MB of hard disk space to install and store your OCR program.

    Well, it does not inspire confidence …

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    while I understand that the developers need to fill their days too, I am thankful for the offers of past years.
    to give a previous version is a good promotion to hook up customers getting an upgrade if they want to but more importantly if they can according to their budget. but THIS, is counterproductive. to give something knowing it never can be registered without passing the paywall is mad.

    TODAY I must say, was the last time I visited sharewareonsale and to download anything.
    there have been great giveaways for the hunters and needy or people wanting to give a software a try before buy.
    in the past weeks and months registration issues increased and it all seemed chasing the sausage every day.
    it has been a great time as I remember, but today it has come the final hour to move on.

    thanks for all

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    Bernard Tranchat

    Ne fonctionne absolument pas. Ce programme détruit complètement la structure du document. Absolument inutilisable !!!

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    Peter Blaise

    Repeat: install and run and register as your computer’s administrator.

    This DID make a text output file of a picture-PDF book.

    I took a 40-megabyte picture-of-text-PDF art book, and it took forever and used up all of my RAM random access memory such that Windows produces a warning message that the computer was running low on memory, but the program finished the whole thing.

    Note that Adobe Acrobat PDF OCR optical character recognition leaves the visual page the same, and puts the text underneath, invisible, so we can point to the picture of the text, and click and highlight and copy it, and we can also edit the text to fix OCR recognition errors.

    The vendor’s web page is funny, not well written, it says you need 20 megabytes of free space to download and run the program … the program is 40 megabytes, doh!

    But this does produce a text file from a picture-of-words-PDF – of course, any accompanying pictures are not converted, it would be funny to export a verbal dextription of pictures, though, “… a picture of a person in their kitchen with cooking utensils and food …” woudl be a hoot for a programmers to figure out – OPR optical picture recognition, go ahead, folks, develop THAT! ;-). AIC Automatic Image Captioning … who’s going to be the first programmer to attempt that?

    I will keep Adobe Acrobat writer because it incorporates the OCR into the visual PDF layout so I can read pictures and text an dpage layour as origina, and higlight text on demand for copying out.

    Repeat: install and run and register as your computer’s administrator.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    In response to [@Tori] who wrote, “… Suspicious program that opens pop-up ads after installation. I had to reinstall a Windows system image to be sure I got rid of it …”

    That was a coincidence, the SOS downloader and the file I received have no ability to pop up ads, you had another infection / invasion.

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    David G

    Tried several times to install this and activate the license (serial number), however it says it is activated but never would say it was unregistered. The results when using the program is watermarked. Uninstall

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    Since the Cyrillic program is not friendly, for me a useless program.

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