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    Have something to say about Perfect Hotkey? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Perfect Hotkey, post it here! If you know of issues with Perfect Hotkey, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    After registering (with a message that activation was successful) and closing the program then restarting as per the instructions, I get two error messages, about Win + A (which is used by another program Alomware Actions – also from SoS) ) and Ctrl-F12 (which I reassigned for a screenshot program that I regularly use).

    I am then informed that the program is not registered.

    What is the solution here please?

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    Gordon Patzer

    How do I register the Perfect Hotkey program/app on my computer. I have installed it and the Perfect Hotkey icon appears in my system tray. However, when I right click on the Perfect Hotkey icon, no HELP tab appears anywhere. I have the exclusive license key number but there seems to be no way to register that license number as I stated in my prior sentence. Thank you.

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    Tom Watson

    How do I put in the registration key?

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    Maurice Sandler

    I have same problem states registration ok restart program then same error message not registered

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    Dan Loewen

    Hi there,
    Same issues as the others. Cannot register, and CTRL-A and CTRL-F12 don’t work….

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    [@Ian] [@Gordon Patzer] [@Maurice Sandler] [@Dan Loewen] You may need to run it as admin to make registration stick. Also, if some hotkeys are used by other programs, obviously there will be an error.

    [@Tom Watson] You read the directions we gave you.

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    Maurice Sandler

    Running as administrator worked thank you

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    I ran it as Administrator. The developer needs to anticipate that users could already have programs installed or key reassignments and warn about that in the program description and also (as a possible reason for errors) in error message warnings. As it was, I and other users facing installation errors were left in the dark about what was wrong and what, if anything, we could do about it. I uninstalled it.

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    For those who can’t find the Perfect key icon or help after right clicking on the System tray, sign out of Windows and sign back in, or restart Windows. After inputting the Registration number, exit the program and right click and run it as Administrator, otherwise you’ll get a registration error. I would ignore the Win+A error message, it’s not very important unless you want to assign something to it.

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