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    I’ve tried several times to get a “Confirmation email with link” so I can register my product. But I see I am not the only one having this issue. What is going on? Please send me my link and license, otherwise, forget it. I am not interested in fighting to get a license code and working with an unsupportive organization.

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    Mike D

    I got the Product Key but it keeps erroring.
    I contacted support & they emailed me that the ket I have has been reactivated so it will work now.
    It doe NOT.
    I even disabled my AV & another Security program as advised by support.
    I’m not going to disable my firewall too.
    This is the first software that sharewareonsale had offered that has been this big of a problem to install & get the license key to work.
    When in my Startup Menu I select “Product Registration” I get this message:
    “Windows is searching for iexplore.exe. To locate the file
    yourself, click Browse.”
    I have IE as disabled as possible.
    If this software has to contact it’s own website with IE I won’t be installing it.

    So beware the install is more trouble that this program is worth.

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    Email to confirm registration never sent.

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    Mike D

    I have another warning if you install this software.
    When you uninstall it it will corrupt the files of older Soft Xpansion PDF software.
    They will give the corrupt files error.
    For me I had an Acronis backup to Restore my OS with.
    Otherwise I would have lost two programs.
    Still this took me over an hour.
    Not counting the time I spent trying to get this version to work.
    That includes email with their support.

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    I am still waiting for my “Confirmation Link” so I can get my license code. This is my second request and I am questioning the support received from this company. What does one need to do to receive their license? What happened to my last request? Please send me my license.

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    this website its amazing offering free product.

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    Registration process fails. When a software provided can’t write code to simplify the registration, I suspect the software itself must suck too. Just speculation, I couldn’t get beyond resistration.

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    Hello. Its setup file unfortunately does not work. Even its not open.

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