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    Have something to say about Perfect PDF 10 Premium? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Perfect PDF 10 Premium, post it here! If you know of issues with Perfect PDF 10 Premium, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    d adams

    Far too many hoops to jump through. When a simple registration process requires four paragraphs to explain, that is a clear sign the steps need to be reduced.

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    Felix Crevat

    [@d adams]
    Worth it in this case. It’s a genuinely useful tool with a perpetual license, none of this “6 months” we see a lot of lately.

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    Never got the licne key although registering worked well :-(

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    Tiny Tenny

    When I put in the key on the site- it says – “The product key CBSXXCUB is invalid, belongs to another product or has already been registered in the account.” So ??????

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    Company is not even sending link to confirm your account. I resent it 3 times already and nothing appeared in email – even spam bin is empty…

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    I could not get this to install. It would open my documents file and them just sit there no matter how many times I hit enter.
    Any one else have issues?

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    Robert Burt

    I had trouble confirming my email, and I kept getting a message that said the link had expired (I repeatedly asked for the link to be resent, but no further link appeared in my inbox).
    The next time I signed on to my account, I was told that my account was registered and confirmed, but I still did not receive a product key.

    The difficulties I have encountered make me question the efficiency of this company – this should be a simple and straightforward process, not an exercise in frustration!

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    Support soft Xpansion


    we are sorry for the late responding. Please use the promoted link and coupon, to receive a product key. The coupon code is not the product key!

    If there are any issues concerning activation, please send a mail to us with your product key and hardware code (you can find it at “activation by mail”).

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    Hubert Sybilski

    Never got the licne key

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    Never got the lic key

    Where is it???

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    I HAVE NOT GOT KEY FOR Perfect PDF 10 Premium YET.

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    [@Hubert Sybilski]

    There is no where to enter the coupon code.

    After confirming my email, I get a pre-filled login screen. After I log in, there is nothing there for coupon code, or asks to enter the coupon code.??????????????????

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    [ @Ashraf] Using the key, from the account, from logging into it, when installing the software, is simpler with Ashampoo!

    At one point, the error message was “promotion unknown” and then the classic “old version no longer supported, but if you want to BUY the latest one, subscribe to the newsletter you’ll never read, LOL.

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    ghulam ali

    sir all ready installed the parfect pdf 10 but the problem is still i no recived the licence key please
    registration also complit chek bye email
    subscription also complitede
    send me the licence key please thanks

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