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    Have something to say about Photolemur 3? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Photolemur 3, post it here! If you know of issues with Photolemur 3, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I got Photolemur 3 in December, 2018. I can’t find a version number on it, but the only export option I have is to disk. Is the version offered here an updated version of Photolemur 3?

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    Installed on my windows 10 64 bit, and is listed in the Program Files, but when I try to launch the program in order to register it, the User Interface disappears. What a bummer.

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    Worked/installed fine. Quite a clever, quick tool for the non-professional user to improve your marginal images. I found some enhanced images were a little over-saturated but you can fine-tune result with slider bar. There’s also face/eye enhancements and a few filters although I was a bit underwhelmed by those features.

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    James Wilson

    [ @jayk]

    I am uncertain of what version exactly but the export option was improved somewhat recently and for the version, I think you just click the top middle where the name is then click help then about, there is the version information.

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    Andrew Allison

    Just downloaded and installed Photolemur 3, tried to run and a pop-up came on saying that the FIPS is enabled, comtact support.

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    [ @James Wilson]

    Sorry, but in my case, when I try to launch Photolemur 3, a small window pop ups for a second or two, and it disappears immediately even before I can input my serial number and email address.

    Anyways, thank you for trying to help me.

    Much appreciated.

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    I did install this, and it shows that it is version 1.1.0, which is the same version I already had, although this one has more options than what I had installed. I still find nowhere to enter the serial number, though. If you haven’t tried this software, it is a nice addition to an image editing toolbox, but won’t replace your image editor. It’s nice, though, for photos that need dehazing or increasing saturation, but not a lot more. I wasn’t able to install the plugin to Photoshop, though. It allows me to browse for Photoshop, but when I navigate to the Plugins folder, it wants to open an .exe file, rather than installing the plugin. Suppose I could just add a shortcut to Photolemur executable . . . .

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    ti dinh

    I Just downloaded and installed Photolemur 3, tried to run and a pop-up came on saying that: the FIPS is enabled on your PC, please contact the support.

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    I downloaded this programme onto two PCs (desktop and laptop both with Win 7) and after having installed it, there was no sign of the programme – only an exe file for Photolemur 3. When clicking on this, the programme was just installed again…. I was going round in circles so I just gave up. Shame….

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    Kirk Osborn

    [ @Sparky]
    Hi. You can export files only to disk if you’re using Windows.

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    @Photo Lemur:
    In other Photo Lemur offerings on another giveaway site, the Lemur Team was very active in the comment section. I hope we can have the same and answer some of the questions asked in the comments on this offer.

    Photo Lemur has been offered on SoS previously but the edition had “Express” as part of the name, and the regular price was $15. This edition does not have “Express” in the name and the regular price is $35.

    “Express” editions usually have fewer features. Is this the same as the Express or are there more features than what was in the Express edition?

    One final thing, does Photo Lemur still require the Windows installer (.msi setup program)? If so, do you offer a standard .exe installer?

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    alan bould

    Hi just downloaded photolemur 3 tried to install and the program went through the initializing and said photolemur 3 installed successfully click finish to run. When I click finish nothing happens, have looked in program folder and photolemur 3 is not there i.e the program as not installed. Have closed my anti virus software in case that was causing a problem still no joy.
    Operating system is windows 10, Computer Aspire,Intel Core i7 2600,Intel GMA HD up to 1696MB,6GB DDR3,1TB Hard Drive,Can You Help Please.
    Regards Alan.

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