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    Have something to say about Photolemur Express? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Photolemur Express, post it here! If you know of issues with Photolemur Express, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

    UPDATE: Sorry folks, I forgot to add the license keys >.< The giveaway has now been updated with license keys and a working download for Mac. Please checkout with us again if you don't have a license key yet. My apologies for the inconvenience!

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    @Everyone: Sorry folks, I forgot to add the license keys >.< The giveaway has now been updated with license keys and a working download for Mac. Please checkout with us again if you don't have a license key yet. My apologies for the inconvenience!

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    Everything is working now thank you :)

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    [ @Ashraf] Hi Ashraf, download link for Mac is not working.
    Get error code 404, file not found.
    Please fix, thanks

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    Tremenda basura, la licencia es demo, solo se puede editar 1 archivo a la vez, no se permite transformación en grupo.

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    Very long to open when launching the software….
    Unable to open a .raw file: more than 10 minutes on the same screen “Improved exposure” without result. The same file opens instantly in FS Viewer or Photoshop, or any software that can open a raw file …..
    No difference between “Before” and “After” in the processing of a .jpeg file !! …
    And, then, cannot open another file without closing the software. Otherwise, a message asks me to buy Photolemur Spectre to process photos in batch, which is not my need….
    No menu for adjustment ….
    Very, very disappointing, uninteresting …. quickly, I uninstall it ….

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    Thanks for the key.

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    Thank you for the heads up. Your comment is a time saver.

    Much appreciated.


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    The windows version does not have a key either, as it is the free version is useless, it only corrects colors and not too well either. It also took about 7 tries to download.

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    Only automatic correction is provided, it seems. None of the usual manual features are present. You can’t even rotate a picture to check the work done by the software, if it’s not correctly oriented in the first place.

    I tried to correct a picture of a paper document taken with a smartphone (substitute for a proper scan). Obviously, the program does not “understand” this type of picture, the probable defects and the required corrections.

    I have not tried it yet with the more conventional pictures it seems designed for (landscapes, portraits, babes on the beach and such).

    The examples provided by the publisher seem to verge on the flattering, therefore uncorrect side. This is a matter of taste, obviously, but there is such a thing as over-correction, or bad, unfaithful correction.

    The EULA has some unsettling language about swiping personal info when you activate or use the program. It’s difficult to say whether the program is overtly nosy, or if this is just GDPR-mandated legalese which should not alarm anyone.

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    Peter Blaise


    EXACTLY my experience, PLUS, it crashes and locks up when trying to browse for an image ( Windows 7 64 ).

    The only way to see what photo to give it is to browse in Windows File Explorer with large thumbnails turned on, then drag-and-drop one photo onto the program screen — both windows must be resized and moved to fit on the computer’s display screen.

    This is not as smart or controllable or as fast as free Google Picasa.

    I was hoping that lens correction could be observed, but it’s been such a struggle to install and test it, that I can’t imagine taking the time to search my raw files for some old fashioned barrel distortion to see if it will automatically fix it.

    One image of a backlit person’s face failed to sharpen and brighten the eyes, so I sincerely doubt this program really has intelligent image recognition capabilities.

    Every Sony camera has face recognition and localized dynamic range expansion, apparently that’s not been incorporated into this software.

    Lovely marketing, though, way better than the programs themselves.

    Oh, programS, plural — there are Photo Lemur Phoenix, Full, and Free on their web page, and we get the special Photo lemur Express — but there is absolutely no delineation as to what each does different, and someone here mentioned Photo Lemur Spectre for batch processing, so apparently, like Franzis De, each feature is broken out into a separately billable program.

    C’mon, you programmers, can none of you understand and compete with free Google Picasa?

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    Flickering State

    Hmm… I downloaded the windows .msi file and installed it; no problems.
    On double clicking, the desktop icon, the program fails to start and shows this error: application error 0xc0000005
    Any advice? Or is the program (Photolemur-Express) that bad, going by the comments here, that I should just not bother with it?

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    160 MB ? Really ? What is it doing in the background…..

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    Downloaded for Windows (7), entered key, downloaded photos (jpeg) but nothing happens. Drag & drop doesn’t work. No settings, links or instructions to diagnose. I uninstalled.

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    i get “the installation package is not suporrted by this processor type”
    seems just 64 bit

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