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    Have something to say about Print Screen Deluxe? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Print Screen Deluxe, post it here! If you know of issues with Print Screen Deluxe, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Fine acting program, many opportunities in front of others.
    Why so much negative review I do not understand!

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    Print Screen Deluxe installed w/its icon on the desktop & the program opened up. To check it, I always close the pgm & then reopen it using the icon. I click on it & get nothing. If I right click on the icon, then click on “Open File location”, that folder comes up & shows both “PrintScreenDeluxe.exe” & “PrintScreenEdit.exe” there. Clicking on “PrintScreenEdit.exe” brings that up, but clicking on “PrintScreenDeluxe.exe” has no result.
    I have re-installed it 2X w/the same results. What can be done here? This is in Win 10.
    Sounds like it could be a good pgm if I could get it to actually work.
    Can you help?

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    The video description sounds interesting but other than that, is it really any better than the Windows Shipping Tool?

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    Oooops! Make that SNIPPING (not shipping) Tool…

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    Installed and used it. Works (has autostart with system (no option to find to disable that).
    Video looks promissing untill a save has been done.. ( codec error; 264 type use).
    Having played much with thes.. but now whenever i get some postage of codec errors a no longer make an effort to sort it out.
    If part of programm it should have been fullt tested to run on different types of machines, not a single ‘pre configured one).
    Sorry thanks for the product (did appeal) but have to uninstall it..

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    Works great…thank you!

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    I thought this said Print SHOP Deluxe. :P

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    Frank Lerner

    I downloaded Print Screen Pro and it was a great program. Last week I had a major problem with my computer under Docs. I had to use my Rollback program to get the computer back to normal for the Docs. But in doing so I lost my download and install version of Print Screen Pro. Today I went back to your email and it said Print Screen Pro was longer available. Could you please send me a download of the program again. Thanks for your help with this minor problem.

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