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    Have something to say about QILING Disk Master Professional? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than QILING Disk Master Professional, post it here! If you know of issues with QILING Disk Master Professional, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Hi, Ashraf – Hello guys from Qiling Disk-Master:

    A great offer – a wonderful achievement!★★★★★

    QILING Disk master professional meets all the wishes and earns the most full trust.
    The UI is very pleasant and clear – a likeable application which acts what it says – and makes what it has to do.
    And this really reliably!

    Thank you, Ashraf – thank you QILING Disk Master(-:

    Cheers from Berlin:-)

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    That sofware blocked my PC.I could not start. The worst software I have ever had.

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    Vorerst Super Software! Großer Produktumfang und das für 0 Euro! Ich werde die Software in den nächsten Wochen testen ;-)

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    Stu Mountjoy

    Tested it in VirtualBox, just to see what the PREos looks like – appears hung/frozen.

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    [@Stu Mountjoy]

    It always makes me laugh when people test things in VIRTUAL MACHINES and then BLAME the software for not working right, much as you have described. First off, it wasn’t designed to work that way.

    Secondly, all these VIRUS testing people on YOUTUBE running test in VIRTUAL MACHINES, what they fail to mention is that the softwares they are testing are not designed to work IN FANTASY LAND, MEANING : LOOK : Don’t cry foul and give a software a bad review because it doesn’t work in TOYLAND/VIRTUAL BOX/VMWARE/ETC…….

    I give this software a bad review last time it was offered because at the time I was using the latest version of Windows 10, and now I am using the latest UPDATE of Windows 10 and thus far it seems to work great!

    I must say that it worked perfectly for me this time, and I used it with the PRE-OS OPTION also “WITHOUT USING A VIRTUAL MACHINE, I USED A REAL MACHINE”. It worked great.

    It was very quick on backing things up, but I noticed that on restoring things it took a bit longer/Almost double the backup time. It was also a little bit confusing on what to select to do a complete hard drive backup considering there is a “SYSTEM BACKUP” and a “DRIVE BACKUP”, and the reason that is confusing is because the SYSTEM backup according to them just backs up the main partition, meaning the boot sectors are left alone, the “DRIVE BACKUP” backs up everything on the hard drive including the boot sectors and such. There should be one button saying “BACK IT ALL UP” of something like that in my opinion.

    Even doing a “DRIVE BACKUP” with this software an then restoring things, there is one thing I really didn’t like most of all about this software, and that is the fact that it completely IGNORED the “WINDOWS RECOVERY Partition” and another boot partition that comes standard with Windows installations. So if you RE-INSTALL, you are left without the RECOVERY PARTITION and that other partition which I am assuming is designated to work with the recovery partition for WINDOWS RESTORE features.

    This software has a lot of promise. They really need to change the HORRIBLE ICON they are using for this software, it’s horrible, it’s like an EVIL RUBIX CUBE Picture! Sometimes technical people spend so much time working on their software that they neglect the fine tuning things that brings awareness to their product. And that’s why I mean that.

    The Ramdisk works great, although there should be more control over it : Meaning : Control whether it runs at STARTUP or not.

    Either way, This is a REPLY/REVIEW comment/post.

    It’s a much improved product. But it still leaves a lot to be desired.

    Thank you QLING & SharewareOnSale!

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    This typeface… on the screenshots… it’s a joke, right ?

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    Thank you SharewareOnSale! your the best!

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    Downloads as 2241k but then won’t install.. shows a SetUp Tab but that won’t open nor will it close. Tried Manual Download which says, “sorry” and we will fix this. Runs the SOS front end but when it comes to D/L, says Can’t Download, press one of 4 buttons… only Cancel works. So can’t try to DL again as SetUp tabs Won’t Kill so I can’t even Delete the Download! Did you ask Chengdu what’s wrong? How about Ashraf?

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    w&r chambers

    Program has a Trojan in the downloaded installer, several Ant Virus programs have flagged it on attempted install.

    Trouble is if you post the detection programs brand, the virus, trojan writers then can work, to attack or avoid the Anti Virus brand disclosed.

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    Dr. Know

    Program has a Trojan in the downloaded installer, several Ant Virus programs have flagged it on attempted install.

    Trouble is if you post the detection programs brand, the virus, trojan writers then can work, to attack or avoid the Anti Virus brand disclosed.

    That’s ridiculous….. Basically you are saying that your Antivirus software flagged the software as a virus and if you post the software’s name then it will alert someone to try and figure out how to get around that antivirus because they are smarter than the people who create antivirus software. Ridiculous…

    I tested this software against 66-67 different antivirus scanners and it show’s 100% CLEAN.. Here are the results…


    As for the SharewareOnSale download software it shows 100% CLEAN Also, here are the results for that scan…


    As for the sharewareonsale giveaway notifier, I always decline that offer so I cannot speak as to that, but this software and the downloader are 100% CLEAN.

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    many of sos programs are at least suspicious…

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    During an installation I noticed it was installing some kind of drivers. Does anyone know what it is? I am not a computer geek.



    P.S. I checked the setup file with Virus total, and it shows that the file is squeaky clean.

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    I wish to install this program on a laptop which is currently away for service under warranty and may not be returned for another week or two. If I download it before expiry, will I be able to install it on the other laptop at a later date? I will not be installing it on this temporary laptop. Thanks.

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    In the description it says that it is Version v4.3.7 , but inside the program files it shows as version 4.1.1.

    Why is that?
    Kind of puzzling, to say the least.

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