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    Have something to say about RecoveryRobot Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than RecoveryRobot Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with RecoveryRobot Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Tldr: This may be a very helpful program. Many good features, simple interface.

    I had this installed from a 12/21/2019 giveaway here, but the 1-year license expired. Fortunately I never needed to use it :) Got a new license key today and entered it into the old program for another year — thank you SOS and SharpKnight! Program is still the same version from back then, which I see as good. Why update it if it works well?

    Took about an hour for a Full Scan on 1 partition on an internal hard drive (465 GB total, 34.3 used space). This partition is not heavily used, but does have OneDrive and DropBox files and hundreds, maybe thousands of others.

    o Filenames and paths are intact.
    o Preview is available for pics, other formats show as text (like opening in Notepad).
    o Handles many more multimedia/video/graphics/audio formats than are listed on their website.
    o I *think* it’s showing a red X on the icon of any files that cannot be recovered. None of the files I tried with a red x were usable by their applications or viewable in Preview. Many files without the red X were also not recoverable.
    o Search can limit results by part of name, filetype, date, size – so you should be able to reduce even a very large results list to a manageable size.
    o Can limit list of files by folder & type of file.
    o Can select multiple files and folders for recovery.
    o File paths and file names are maintained for recovered files (to the extent possible), all were put inside a new folder created on the destination drive.
    o I was able to recover a few dozen pics that were deleted long ago — these had their folders and names overwritten so they appeared as “FILE097.JPG”, etc., under “Raw files”.

    o Dates and times don’t match those for files still on the hard drive – off by many hours, not always the same amount, which sometimes causes the date to be different as well.
    o This shows ALL files, with no way to limit results to only deleted files, or to select all deleted files. So, for a big disk/partition with a hundreds thousands files or more, this could result in a rather long and cumbersome selection list.
    Filtering by a search, folder, and/or type of file should help a lot!

    I know some will complain that it’s a one-year license. Looks like it’s offered here from time to time, and a year of protection for free seems like a good thing to me. If it works for you, the $50 price could be a bargain.

    Personally, I already use Macrium Reflect (free and highly recommended) to back up file to external drives – it lets me recover single files and whole partitions. I use Genie Timeline to backup my most commonly used folders to a different internal drive partition, to catch any changed or new files in between Reflect backups. And for critical stuff (like password database, tax returns, etc.), I send encrypted copies to OneDrive for a cloud backup. I don’t really need RecoveryRobot Pro unless I get behind in my backups or the partition used for Genie Timeline’s backups fills up. Waiting for RecoveryRobot Pro to scan a partition is much slower than getting files back from my other backups.

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    I can´t register the licence

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    Thank you both, Ashraf and SharpKnight, for the useful giveaway.
    Best regards

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