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    @RecoveryRobot: Thanks for the reply. I look forward to using this program.

    @mikey: no program can recover data from a mechanically-failed drive (clicking noises). Your “clicking” drive has gone too far – you should have some software to warn you of impending failures like DiskCheckup, Crystal Disk Info or Hard Disk Sentinel. By the time it’s clicking, it’s too late. The drive would have to go to a clean room to be disassembled and mounted on professional recovery mechanisms and you’re talking thousands of dollars for that.

    @conceptualclarity: It used to be called 7-Data Recovery

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    If you hear clicking, that means your hard drive is possibly physically damaged. I once watched a video on Youtube on how to open the disk drive and solve the clicking problem. You can try a search on Youtube too. If I found it some day I’ll mention the link here.

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    Um, sorry. This program could not recover from a 2 GB SD card. After 38 minutes, I gave up. And, maybe it was the small little card but it kept freezing up. Nice program though, but it CANNOT recover from “– Recover data or file from damaged or formatted hard drive or the hard drive is inaccessible for unknown reason.” I wish it would, but it could not. For minor problems, I like this, but not for major problems. Nice try.

    Hi, could you be more specific about your problem? If possible, you can send us a screenshot to support[at] datarecoveryrobot.com

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    So did this software previously have a different name, like many?

    We used to use the name “7-Data Recovery”, which is still live and supported, but not actively updated. We started using “RecoveryRobot” as we no longer hold the domain “7datarecovery”. So that’s the story.

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    Thank you !

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