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    Have something to say about RecoveryRobot Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than RecoveryRobot Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with RecoveryRobot Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Très bon logiciel de récupération, fiable et simple dans son utilisation.

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    [@yataguebou] Thank you for your comment. We are glad that you like it.

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    Rich Urmann

    Does this recovery software make any changes to the Windows Restore Points or to the way Windows recovery works?

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    [@Rich Urmann] No it does not.

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    When the install finishes, the last setup window displayed has a checkbox already checked to “Launch RecoveryRobot Pro” but when the Finish button is clicked, the program did not start. After waiting several minutes, checking the System Tray, minimizing windows one at a time to see if it one of those applications that does not reveal itself upon initial start, there still was no sign of the program. I opened the Start Menu, and manually started the program, but a small dialog popped up stating, “This program is already running!”

    Without a visible window to interact with, I cannot start any type of recovery, and should there be other instances where part of the work is done, but the window is not displayed to go to the next step (such as save the recovered files), I would not be able to trust this program enough to use it. Reliability is critical in any recovery program.

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    [@Gary] Please kill the process in the task manager and try restarting RecoveryRobot. Please wait a bit longer this time because the program will read your disk information. Normally it take secondes to launch. Thank you.

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    SharpNight say on their site that this used to be “7-data recovery” (which I have used, and liked), but they no longer possess their domain and so have named the product RecoveryRobot now? The 7-data recovery web address still exists, and claims that 7-data has been combined with Disk Drill. I wish they’d be more transparent about what actually has happened – I always liked 7-data, but am eager to try RecoveryRobot, if this is the true continuation of the 7-data software. What gives SharpNight?

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    [@si] The domain name 7datarecovery.com now belongs to DiskDrill.

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    Karen G Harris

    The license registration key is not accepted it says “must be more than 6 letters”.the key is many more letters than that. Will you assist me?
    Thank you

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    [@Karen G Harris] Hi, you need to copy all the characters of the license code. You can write to us if you still can not register RecoveryRobot support[at]datarecoveryrobot.com

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    I’ve had nothing but problems from Hard Drives that somehow are damaged, make clicking noises and generally are dead. This program can recover files from these types of situations as it states in the description? None of the other programs I’ve purchased in the past have EVER been able to do that. And IF it does, then this is a program worth buying. I’ll post after trying to recover from my dead, clicking hard drives. To Be Continued.

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    Thank you !

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    Um, sorry. This program could not recover from a 2 GB SD card. After 38 minutes, I gave up. And, maybe it was the small little card but it kept freezing up. Nice program though, but it CANNOT recover from “– Recover data or file from damaged or formatted hard drive or the hard drive is inaccessible for unknown reason.” I wish it would, but it could not. For minor problems, I like this, but not for major problems. Nice try.

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    So did this software previously have a different name, like many?

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