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    Have something to say about Reg Organizer? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Reg Organizer, post it here! If you know of issues with Reg Organizer, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Carlos Nascimento

    Muito obrigado e parabéns novamente por tudo oque fazem por nós.

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    I have downloaded and installed this program without any problems however after running and registering it i am now afraid to go any further with it , it informs me that there more than 130 problems found in my registry but there is no way for me to see or evaluate these problems for myself only to a one click button to fix them all , with more than 130 faults in my registry my computer is running fine up to now , my problem is a simple one if i now click on fix can i start my computer there after of would i be spending the rest of the week trying to restore my computer 130 plus faults to get it to run again , programs such as this should let you have some means to examine their “finds ” before any further action is taken the program do have a restore option but you have to restart before you can restore , i do have backups but….., the program looks good but i generally hate and don’t trust one click fix programs Especially in the registry .

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    [ @king]

    The safest way to do any “registry” cleaning no matter how it’s done is to make a backup “before” doing it.
    In windows case, you can use the “backup & restore” option by backing up the entire disk drive.

    The second way would be…….
    Windows registry backup & restore

    You may say……. what if my computer doesn’t boot (run at all) after the registry clean.
    Well, here’s an easy answer to that. This is an example of a windows 7 repair disk but you can search for your own flavor of windows > Windows system repair disk

    If your still concerned “and you shouldn’t be”, leave this program where it is, don’t download it, it’s not for you.
    As with any type software, hope for the best but always be prepared for the worst ! (Words of wisdom)

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    Thank you for this great program!

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    Stephen Bennett

    Backed up system first (Rollback Rx) and had recent backup with Macrium reflect and AOMEI Backuper. (All three have excellent freeware versions).” Corrected/cleaned out 1200+ items. Could not get past the Windows 7 logon screen.

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    Thanks for this software, Ashraf and developer. Downloaded, installed and registered just fine. I decided to give it a go with the registry “cleaner”. First, I made disk image (Macrium Reflect) Second I backup up registry and then cleaned it with CCleaner. CCleaner declared a couple hundred cleanable entries, ran it twice until no more cleaning need was indicated. Then ran the Reg Organizer; it reported over 8,000 erroneous entries. I scrolled through the list (way too many to give a lot of thought to, would have taken hours), but I did not that all of them indicated the file indicated was non-existent. So, I let it rip to clean all the entries. Re-booted, no problems…yet. Will see in time if anything is broken.

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    [@Arby] “but I did not that” should have said “but I did note that”

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    Best Program.Thank You

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    Thank You.Best Program No 1

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