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    Have something to say about Reg Organizer? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Reg Organizer, post it here! If you know of issues with Reg Organizer, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thank you VERY, VERY MUCH!

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    EXCELLENT software

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    Excellent logiciel, complet et utile dans un PC.

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    Nice Software with good cleanup functions.
    When trying to update, it tries to sell you a version that costs 50 bucks???

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    I used the RegOrganizer with its default functions.
    Here the results:

    1. Internet connection broken
    2. .NET broken
    3. Roboform broken
    4. Alienware Command Center broken
    5. Windows Service reports errors: “Unable to start service”

    I had to run Windows Repair from http://www.tweaking.com to fix my PC.

    The makers of this Junk need to go back to the drawing board.
    Additional: When you try to “Update” it wants to sell you a “Full” version for 45,00 Euros.

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    david kirk

    Excellent Product. Registry Editing is a snap and it backs up all changes for easy restoring. The uninstall function did a nice job of not just removing some old programs, but also cleaning out all registry entries. This is the best registry editor I’ve worked with and I’m very appreciative of receiving this version.

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    Mark Jackson

    will this monitor your registry for any changes(like when you do software install) and tell you all the new keys? If not can some1 recommend a free or cheap alternative. Thanks

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    Program runs and seems to install ok. I like the Undo Changes Center concept, haven’t tried it yet. No faster than Regedit. Very happy to find it has a registry Search and Replace feature, although I had to read the User’s Guide to find it. I like that I can sort the search results list by clicking the different column headings.

    Other aspects are very confusing to me. Did it install a startup manager that overrides other(s) already on my system? Will this start with Windows? I see no options to control these. Express Check ran when I started the program, THANKS for the option to disable this! It told me I have 1037 useless files, with an option to “Run the Scan”. Will my files be deleted if I Run the Scan, or will it list them and give me the option to delete each one, or maybe select by folder structure? It already scanned to be able tell me I have so many useless files, so I don’t know what “Run the Scan” will do.

    Same for Startup Applications. It says 5 can be optimized, and again I can “Run the Scan”. What does “Optimized” mean? Will they be disabled? Added to some delayed startup list with more services added to manage that? Do I get to chose what happens? If I use Win 10’s Programs and Features app, will I see the same programs being enabled or disabled, or does this use some other way to manage the list?

    Maybe, instead of “Run the Scan” the buttons can say “Show Details”? This gave me a bad first impression. The User’s Manual clears up some of this, and shows a good deal of thought went into this program. After Ashampoo WinOptimizer, Glary Utilities, Kerish Doctor, Win Utilities, Advanced System Care and a few others, I’m wary of programs like this. There is a high potential to make assumptions and utterly destroy system functionality and render programs unusable, and I might not see the impact of this for several weeks or months (I have MANY programs for music creation, music lessons, video/photo/graphics editing, games, book readers, protecting and managing my PC, etc., and some only get used once in a while).

    So thanks to SOS and ChemTable. RegOrganizer is worth keeping for the Search and Replace feature, and after testing and using it, I may be able to use it instead of some of my other programs. My recommendation for ChemTable: sit down with a person who never used RegOrganizer, and see what they think – no coaching, just real first impressions and what it takes for them to figure out what is safe and how to use the program.

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    Don’t touch run the scan it will wipe everything in your downloads folder!!

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    This program is dangerous. The registry cleaner is also a dangerous toy. There’s very little explanation of the problems found which leaves you having to find the registry key “manually” as the program doesn’t have a function to take you to the key automatically. The only good thing about this program is the add/remove programs module which is the same as another product of theirs called “software organizer” which I like very much.

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    Good in experienced hands capable to decide what to do and what not to do. Dangerous for rookies and weekend “look Ma No Hands” users.

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