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    Have something to say about Reg Organizer? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Reg Organizer, post it here! If you know of issues with Reg Organizer, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Олег Воронин

    Application is excellent.

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    I’ve tried Reg Organizer.
    It’s not a bad app – it does SOMETHING.
    I really like its Uninstall function but…
    In short. I’ve tried Reg Organizer on Win10, WinXP without any visible improvement!
    Also, twice after I did registry optimization, on 2 Win10 computers I had some issues – could not open my “Action Center”, my Start button stopped responding to a left click, etc…

    Nothing could compare to Kerish Doctor!
    After using Kerish Doctor, my WinXP computers started (with 1 GB of memory) started running like new.

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    Thanks Ashraf for the great giveaway.
    Best regards

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    Peter Blaise

    Very nice MANUAL tool set.

    Not complete — missing many tweaks I like, such as removing Libraries and user files from My Computer display in Windows File Explorer, turning off CD / USB auto play, and hundreds of other settings to undo Microsoft’s devolutionary craziness, so stop letting Microsoft make every single fricking operating system a new-fangled and arduous relearning how to your your own dang resources on your own dang PC … don’t get me started.

    Some features in this toolkit are hard to find otherwise in other programs or via manual tweaks ( such as relocating default directories, for example, I prefer C:\Documents\A-Z\ C:\Temp\all-temp-directories, C:\Music, and so on, so all my users use the same directory resources, and all hard drives back up on top of each other in the same pattern of resources, just as I have had my filing set up for 30+ years since DOS and the first hard drives ).

    There is some unnecessarily awkward wording ( “enable / disable feature on / off” — huh? — instead of a coordinated list of all features, with a simple on or off or variable column to the right, “Disable NTFS last access time update – on / off” versus “Write file’s last access time to disk – on / off or yes / no” ).

    The ability to delve deep into their settings to see how they are constructed is educational — very thorough, helps make the Windows Registry somewhat approachable.

    Some tools in the left column open their information in the right side of the same window, some open in entirely new windows, very inconsistent and hard to manage my sequence trajectory through the tool suite.

    There is no [ Back ] or [ Return to Main Window ] on sub windows, you have to [ X ] out of sub windows, making me think I am exiting the program altogether.

    The “Ignore List” is educational — apparently areas that other programmers create that are erroneous, but if you clean them, things crash, so ChemTable has learned to keep hands off ( they do ignore *.ru web addresses, hmm !).

    It offers installer execution tracking, useful for manual scrutiny, I suppose … I wish someone would redevelop a smart feature to enable capturing an entire program and making it migratable to another computer, complete with serial number registration in the registry, and all ‘babies’ scattered throughout the directory tree, the way Quarterdeck did with their first glorious registry cleaner ( since bought and dismantled by evil Symantec through their “growth by acquisitions” department because they never had creative programmers in house ).

    Most importantly, it has an “Undoing Changes Center” where you can look at what you have done, in date order, and undo your changes line by line.

    All in all, an excellent tool kit that I will recommend to fellow techs, and to PC users who want to learn what’s happening inside their computer’s program choices — but I will not leave this in end-user’s hands without their technical buy-in ( Kerish Doctor is about the safest powerful auto-tool I can think of to leave on for the end user — does anyone else have a list of their preferred safe / dangerous programs for end-user? ).

    Thanks, Ashraf, good hunting.

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    Peter Blaise

    … AND, as I reported on the MANUAL tools in ChemTable RegOrganizer being useful in the hands of a knowledgeable and aware experienced tech, but I would nto leave this in the hands of an end user who might try the automatic tools …

    … I just ran it on a dozen machines in fully automatic mode, selecting to let it implement it’s own speed-tweaks, clean up temp files, clean the registry, and compact the registry — all things right there on the main window … and … wait for it …

    … fullt 6 of the 12 computers I ran it on are now off the network ( Windows XP-32 through Windows 8.1-64 ), even though the device manager says the network cards are performing properly.


    GREAT … because now, in ChemTable RegOrganizer, I have a 50% reliable tool for breaking a computer, after which, I can test OTHER tools, like Tweaking.com Repair AIO, and the suite of fix-tools from BleepingComputer.com, plus new and old manual fixes, and so on.

    Thanks for the sledge-hammer, Ashraf!

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    Thank you for this great program!

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    I managed to install this software without any problem. Works as it suppose to. Thank you!
    I found many of the functions the reg organizer have very useful. Have even an uninstaller function so I might uninstall my other uninstaller.

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    Hi Ashraf, hello Konstantin Polyakov:

    ❤I love Reg Oganizer!❤

    Many thanks for version 7.40!
    Installation and activation ran as expected.
    Like a greyhound in Providence Park.
    And the winner is:
    ★Reg Organizer★
    Once again:
    Many Thanks!

    Cheers from Berlin:-)

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    When running the registry cleaner and examining the found faulty entries unchecking (dubious) bad entries will add these to the ignore list, and not show up at the next run. Reg Cleaner ver. 5 used for six years on a XP computer have for me been of value keeping it very responsive (regular disk image backup plus a boot CD also have helped).
    With Reg Cleaner 7.2 on a Vista laptop I just deleted > 2000 registry entries unticking (or adding to the ignore list) 20, without problems. License keys of hard protected apps. (Vegas Movie Studio etc.) are easily lost, where the undo changes center (just tested) works OK.
    To me it appear this cleaner plus regular disk image backups maintain the operating system very well.

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    fishy man

    [ @Ashraf]

    I tried to re-install reg-organizer but I have lost the serial. Can anyone help?
    I don’t think you can put it in this topic though.

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    Freebie Monger

    Thanks Ashraf for the great giveaway.
    Best regards
    happy room

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    Ralchel Roberson

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