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    Have something to say about ScanTransfer Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than ScanTransfer Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with ScanTransfer Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I just downloaded and installed ScanTransfer and I go to start the
    program, I get this message “Service started. Please restart the
    program. Exiting…”

    I restart the program and I get the same message.

    I also tried the portable version and the same thing is taking place.

    Can you please tell me why this is behaving like that?

    Thank you :)

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    SharewareOnSale exclusive license key is invalid. 8 [

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    licency key voor Scan Transfer Pro is ongeldig ! gelieve de juiste key aan mij te mailen, vr.dank

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    Invalid serial key

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    Had no problem installing, running and registering on Windows 8.

    All fine.

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    [@BreMM] What key did you get? My key is invalid.

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    managed to get it registered, Downloaded the shareware version and did as explained

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    Registered and transferred pics from Android 7.0 to Windows 10. Had to manually enter the computer’s IP address but transfer went very fast.

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    Ne semble fonctionner qu’avec Twitter ou un appareil Ios, sans intérêt pour moi dans ces conditions

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    Scaricato, attivato …velocissimo!!

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    [@BreMM] What key did you get? My key is invalid.

    Probably the same you got. The key only works with the SoS setup, not with the one from the homepage or the portable. But once registered normally, the portable works as Pro too.

    Also you not only can transfer pics and videos, pretty much anything you can select can be transferred, like documents, archives, etc..

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    Peter Blaise

    Absolutely no need to scan, that requires giving your phone browser access to your camera, not a safe or secure thing to do.

    Instead, just browse to your computer address plus :12304, such as

    Bob’s your uncle.

    However, it DUMB.

    Free Google Picasa at least imports everything AND can put it in directories by EXIF … but must be tethered by USB cable.

    Sadly, this program creates a web SERVER on your computer, easily hackable, dangerous, insecure.

    Until they ( a ) add smart functions, and ( b ) secure the server, this is a no go, fast, but a no go nonetheless.

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    I expected another functionality.
    I thought that I could go to my computer on the local address, but it turned out that can transfer files from your phone to your computer one by one, so it’s better to use the program “AirDroid”, at the address like this:
    And you can do a lot of things. If the version of “Android” is not older than 4.2.2, then you can go into contacts, SMS (on the 6th version it will not work).

    Я ожидал другой функциональности что по локальному адресу на телефоне смогу зайти на свой компьютер а оказалось что можно передавать файлы с телефона на компьютер по одному, по этому лучше воспользоваться программой для “Андройда” “AirDroid”, по адресу, типа этого:
    И можно много всего делать. А если версии “Андройда” не старше 4.2.2, тогда можно заходить в контакты, СМС (на 6 версии этого сделать не получится).

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    Apollodoros Apollodorou

    Invalid serial code!so what evaluation are you waiting from us?just sh..

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