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    Have something to say about ScreenCamera? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than ScreenCamera, post it here! If you know of issues with ScreenCamera, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Doug Dingle

    I keep mentioning this, but apparently it falls on deaf ears. Nonetheless, I’m going to try again.

    The reviews from the main page are way too old. Unless the software hasn’t been updated since the review was written, a software review from 2016 is useless. Useless.

    It’s more than likely that the currently offered version bears little to no resemblance to the version reviewed two, three, or more years ago.

    What is the point of showing those on the main landing page? None that I can see. I just blow right by them every single time.

    I do appreciate Ashraf’s efforts to bring us free software, sometimes really good free software, but the old reviews need to be locked away, never to be seen again.

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    In time of installation you say ” Switch Screen camera to Video camera”.
    I didn’t find where it is or how to make it.
    Please give me some tip.

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    I find older reviews very helpful if there are no other reviews available, be it here, or on other sites.

    Especially, I pay a close attention to the cons indicated in the older reviews, so I can check if the newer version has fixed the issues, or not.

    So, to me, older reviews are better than no reviews at all.

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    [ @Doug Dingle]

    On one hand I agree with you about the older reviews while on the other hand, since no one seems to be posting new reviews, it is all we have here. I use them merely as a reference point. I am unsure why there are not more current reviews here. I wrote a review a couple of weeks ago that was “pending moderation” for days and never got posted so maybe that is why.

    I have stated it before that I think it is a flaw here to have a “discuss this offer” page separate from the offering page. There are often things posted on this discussion page that, while not qualifying as a full-on review, are very helpful/informative and yet I bet that most people do not even see them as they do not come to the page.

    Take the site giveawayoftheday, for example. The way their comments are set up drives a dialogue that includes reviews, often helpful download/installation issues and general pros and cons all in a single thread on the offering page. There is never not a current review there! I believe that format would be an advantage here. The older reviews could still be included for reference at the bottom of the page under a sub-header, e.g., ‘Older Reviews’. I realize this change would require coding changes and perhaps the site admin does not want to take that on.

    I have utilized this site for years and am very much appreciative of it and, even moreso, of Ashraf and all he has done/does to keep it going. This is in no means a complaint but merely constructive criticism about something I think would greatly benefit this site.


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    Alessandro Ferri


    ScreenCamera is a virtual camera so if you use a video conference app or website you can use ScreenCamera as your video camera, so you can switch the video conference camera to ScreenCamera.


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