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    Be very careful in installing this software following sharewareonsale steps.
    The software will automatically ‘write’ an iso to wherever you install it (good), initially (surprising).
    There is NO GUIDE or even a README.
    It doesnt even do a system restore before ‘inflicting’ this!

    The software will then ask you to reboot and use the image (just created) to start you pc/laptop, you will have no connectivity or functionality.

    I recovered after following a number of windows reset guides.

    Crying out for a guide to start the software!!

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    greg b

    not able to get it to go to USB drive that is empty. or DVD. But hopefully no one writes over main drive. not good. wish had online version to run from.

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    Horrible installation process. Deleted!!!

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    Peter Blaise

    Eecuperts is from 2016, and has an extensive PDF explaining what it’s all about.

    This boots to lesser-linux-ish and has some tools to backup, export, clone, scan for malware, connect to the Internet, give or receive remote control, or access the computer’s drives as \\RESCUE\disks\… over our own in-house network ( actually kind of cool ), and claims to be able to run ‘office’ type programs, though I could only find a notepad-thingy and a web browser ( old Firefox clone ), such that booting from this allows it to be a private session on a computer that leaves when we unplug the drive and go away.

    It asked what language, I clicked English, and then the next screen was in German.


    English after that, though.

    Compare to free Hirens Boot CD/USB Windows 10 PE <- much more sophisticated, and modern.

    I’ll keep this for the drive-share over the network feature, but the other features may come in handy during troubleshooting and data recovery.



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    The program cannot be installed on a PC and then create a bootable USB or DVD, and when installing on a USB according to the instructions, a message does not appear
    I HAVE A REGISTERED VERSION. After starting the DVD, a field with some text appears, but it remains hanging on the safe key, after a while it starts and I want to write it somewhere or load the key. Overall, the installation is totally useless, and without instructions on what to do next after starting the DVD. PUT PROGRAMS HERE THAT ARE FUNCTIONAL, NOT WITH A TOTALLY STUPID INSTALLATION WITH NO INSTRUCTIONS !!!!!

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    I concur with above comments, the USB media burning is risky. What I also find annoying is that you are asked the license number at media creation but after booting (on a 64 bits system, it fails on a 32 bits system), the application still asks for the license number, after a rather lengthy boot. Of course you have it only available under Windows so you have to boot again. Not very convenient IMHO.

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    Phill Macavity

    There are two pdf’s (De & En) in the manual folder if one mounts the ‘iso’

    …must admit this is not a keeper for me as it wasn’t good on ventoy.

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    Jim Jones

    VERY confusing install process. Still not sure if I got it right.

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    larry kruck

    This will not do what it claims. Do a backup first so you can fix the damage it will do.

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