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    Tony G

    Downloaded program and Serial Number. However, when I tried to use Product, I got a Server Reply that the Serial Number was INVALID. I double checked the Email and the Number was as sent. However, the program insisted that the number was wrong.

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    Can someone explain why this programm’s size is 1.45 GB !?

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    needs 5 GB to download. my dvd is 4.7 GB. so tried USB stick. rebooted as requested and did not go to my USB stick. so need help putting on USB or maybe DVD. but USB better if the computer is messed up.

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    Tim Stoepler (Engelmann Software)

    Hey everybody, (especially @Graeme / @greg b / @pawel / @dave)

    as for installation:
    Once you have downloaded the zip file please unzip using your favourite unzipper or the Windows one (Rightclick -> Extract all or similar) if you don’t have one.

    Afterwards please use “First Aid Kit – install on USB.exe” and follow the instructions there. (Alternatively use First Aid Kit – burn to DVD.exe for burning a DVD please)

    1. The stick should be empty as all data on it will be deleted. Do NOT install this on a stick with important or any data you want to keep. It will be deleted.

    2. You should have at least a 16GB stick (the more the merrier ;-)) and the stick should have a good quality (E.g. from a brand like Corsair, Kingston, Samsung). Please do not use their cheapest sticks but rather a higher priced, faster model. Remember that you want to save data with it in case of an emergency.

    3. Make sure you choose the right device and to err on the side of caution please remove all other external drives.

    Hope this helps! All individual questions please send to help@engelmann.com and add screenshots that show the issue.

    Have a great New Year’s eve

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    Tim Stoepler (Engelmann Software)

    [ @nick]

    What do you mean with the size is 1,45GB? On what medium? Are you talking about the download? The download roughly has that size but it needs more space on a stick after everything is installed.

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    Tim Stoepler (Engelmann Software)

    [ @Tony G]

    Please make sure that you are connected to the internet (best via LAN cable). There will be a quick update avaiblable before registration that should fix this.


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    Tim Stoepler (Engelmann Software)

    [ @greg]

    I suspect that you tried to burn the ISO image. This is not the way to go. Please use the First Aid Kit – burn to DVD.exe file for burning a DVD. If this hint does not help:

    Please write to help@engelmann.com and include as many details of what you did exactly and with what program, please add screenshots.


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    Tim Stoepler (Engelmann Software)

    [ @Dave]

    Dave, please do not do this! The installation will erase all files on the stick! I strongly urge you to use a separate quality stick, see my other posting. If you want to save a lot of data in case of an emergency best in the 64GB to 512 GB range.

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    Tim Stoepler (Engelmann Software)


    [ @Graeme]

    [ @greg b]

    Please see my earlier post for answers to your questions. If that doesn’t help get in touch with me at help@engelmann.com!

    Thanks a lot

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    >”[(1) What .exe file should be run to install this software?”
    You are not installing a program to your PC as we normally do. Instead, you are going to create a bootable device. After booting to that device, only then do you get to see and use the tools provided.

    >”[(2) Do I have to run “First Aid Kit – install on USB” or burn to DVD to continue?”
    Use the USB one. The DVD option is not really a good choice due to the size of the ISO file.

    >”[(3) What size USB stick is required?”
    One that at least can hold the 1.6 Gigs of data in the ISO file. You can use a larger USB drive if that is all you have laying around. Don’t waste your money buying or using an expensive fast USB stick. You will not be using this very often, so just about anything will work.

    >”[(4) Will the USB stick be formatted and any existing data wiped from the stick?”
    Yes; everything on the USB stick will be wiped, essentially formatted over. Due to USB sticks being reasonable in cost, I would recommend using a new USB stick. Also as a precaution, remove any other USB sticks or external USB drives, and even SD or MMC cards. The program that will burn the ISO file to a USB stick will pre-select a USB stick to burn to. Make sure it has not selected a drive you do not want to destroy.

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    It looks like Engleman Software answered several user’s questions in between me starting to respond to you and actually Submitting the response. Didn’t mean to inundate you with answers.

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    Looking forward to playing with this.
    In less than a minute, I received the E-mail with a link to get the serial number, which I clicked on, and took me to a page where I copied the serial number, and then pasted it into a text file – to copy & paste later.
    I created a folder on the desktop to place the text file into as well as the installation/zip-file.
    The zip-file downloaded fine.
    I Double-clicked the zip-file and it unpacked/extracted the files.
    I Double-clicked the file ‘First Aid Kit – install on USB.exe’.
    An alert/warning popped up stating that the program may need some files, and an option to choose to extract all – and I chose this option after a failed installation without clicking on it.
    A box pops up to copy & paste the serial number into.
    It asks if you want to reboot the computer to start the program.
    The first time you run the program it needs an internet connection.
    I don’t let Wifi start by itself on my laptop, and I wasn’t sure if the program would figure out how to start the Wifi on the laptop, so I relocated the laptop near the router and hooked up the CAT cable.
    I then clicked Yes to reboot and start the program (booting to the USB drive).
    It booted fine, but now I have to enter the serial number again – and I don’t have access to the text file for a copy & paste, so I’m glad I wrote it down – because I needed to type it in the old fashioned way.

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    Tony Glinskas

    Thank you for the advice. I started up the DVD again and got the same message that the License Key could not be verified.
    I continued on and finally got a notice of an update. I clicked on the update and now it is working!! Thanks again and Happy New Year.[ @Tim Stoepler (Engelmann Software)]

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    The key provided is for the free version available 24/7 from their web site as the email says: :you have requested a free serial number for the FREE version of First Aid Kit with the email address blah blah”

    According to their web site for free version….

    All functions can be tested. Viruses, malware and other pests are only detected, but not eliminated!
    There are also no network capabilities. Only local data media are processed.

    Hence this offer appears to be only for a trial version. Unfortunately not the full version being sold for $34.99

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    Tim Stoepler (Engelmann Software)


    Hey there!

    Just to clarify this :-) [heavy German accent on] Please do not expect too much precision as far as the English wording is concerned. This version is free, as in you got it from a giveaway for free. However it is not the same as the free version you can get on the product’s homepage, which has very limited functionality!

    The giveaway copies and keys here on sharewareonsale.com have full functionality.

    Hope this helps clarify things!
    [heavy German accent off]

    Happy new Year

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