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    Tim Stoepler (Engelmann Software)


    Hi Barrie, sorry that stick was far too small, please use at least a 16GB USB stick! You should be able to restore it using this article:

    Restore a USB Drive back to full capacity

    or a similar one.


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    Glyn Cording

    I have managed to download the SecuPerts First Aid Kit but when clicking on the’SharewareOnSale exclusive giveaway registration page’ the hyperlink opens up a new tab with . After some time I get this response: Hmmm… can’t reach this page, http://www.pnlm.de took too long to respond. I’ve tried the link in four different browsers and different laptops and get a similar response every time.

    Can anybody help me or point me in the right direction.


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    Benny Lam

    I have not completed the software download yet (1.3G will take some times) but after seeing a lot issue here, I am a bit worry on the installation and usage.
    Anyway, I found that there are some info related to this software in the following link.
    From the info, this software will install a Linux system on the USB and hence I guess that you have to boot from the USB to use it.

    Hope this help.

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    Benny Lam

    See if the following info can help
    Preparing USB sticks for reinstallation Press
    Modified on: Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 2:10 PM

    If a USB stick that has been recorded with a forensic system, First Aid Kit or a bootable Linux, the ÚSB stick cannot be used with the full capacity of Windows. As you have probably already noticed when you plugged in such a USB stick, the Windows operating system reports a different number of drives, some of which cannot be read. In order to be able to load such a stick with a new Forensic System / First Aid Kit again or to use it completely under Windows, the existing structure of the USB stick must be deleted and the USB stick re-partitioned and formatted.

    Windows offers disk management for this. This shows all partitions of the USB stick, but unfortunately it cannot delete some of them. The diskpart command line tool can help .

    To start the tool, press the Windows key + R . In the following dialog enter diskpart and press the OK button. Confirm the following warning message with Yes . The next step is to get an overview of the drives. To do this, enter list disk . All drives (hard drives and connected USB sticks) that the system knows are displayed. With select disk 1 (number 1 is an example of the USB stick you want to edit) switch to the corresponding drive. With the cleannow delete the existing structure on the drive. An Explorer window will likely open and prompt you to format the disk. You close both.

    Now set up a new partition on the USB stick with the create partition primary command . Then switch to the partition with select partition 1 . So that the stick can be used again, it still has to be formatted. If it is larger than 8 GB, the file system should be ntfs, for smaller USB sticks fat32. So you enter the command format fs = ntfs quick .

    After the formatting is complete, an Explorer window for the USB stick should open. If this does not happen, please enter assign so that a drive letter is assigned to the USB stick.

    Once the Explorer window has opened, enter the exit command for Diskpart and the Diskpart window closes and you can continue working with the USB stick as usual.

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    NO registration
    another crook

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    When I try to run the install to USB file, it just blinks, throws an error message, then disappears. I did the same thing on the DVD install .exe. It TOO disappeared. I unzipped the package again and of course, it put back the files that were removed after trying to run them (made me think of Mission Impossible). So, it appears though I have a 16gb USB at the ready, it errors out saying it can’t find it and removes the program. Thought behind this software is good. But the execution of delivery not so.

    The error reports it can’t find the path to the USB and I may not have the correct permissions. I’m signed on as an admin and I’m running the .exe as an admin. 20 minutes spent trying to TRY this out, IMO, it’s a epic failure, in the “trying to get it up and running” department that is.

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