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    Have something to say about Simply Good Pictures 5? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Simply Good Pictures 5, post it here! If you know of issues with Simply Good Pictures 5, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Requesting Key

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    Neil F Stone

    I cannot get through to request a key

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    d adams

    it is not my habit to install any software that I do not have the registration Information for. Reading the previous comments, this seems to be a valid concern. Why not give the information like many other publishers do? I will monitor the progress to see if the information is being sent. So far, the indications are not promising.

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    Yet again, this same program from Engelmann Software successfully installs, but does not run.

    The page that requests feedback from Engelmann Software is a blank white page, and nothing appears no matter how many times the page is refreshed.

    I’ve even tried running the .exe file (in Program Files, where it is installed) as Administrator, but still it does not run.

    The same thing happened on the previous occasion when it was given away by SharewareOnSale.

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    Robert G

    Unable to download installation file using “SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Simply_Good_Pictures_5_hub.exe” file provided.

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    Maybe they fixed this. Have used prior versions & some may have ‘lost’ their serial over time. Installed to C: drive per default location. It comes up Trial & requests an addy. Addy serial pops up in set of tabs. Had to do a snap of the serial & enter manually and verify.
    Still same as usual app tho says couple small changes. Worth a try again being small size. Tested on small photo & didn’t increase the size very much. Fav app is still XnViewMP, for batching, small size saves (adjustable settings). Bit more to set up tho compared to SGP.

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    Sorry But Is it Ver.4 Or 5 ? ,Because Before Install ,Reading “… Our innovative software “Simply Good Pictures 5″ optimizes and repairs your photos with one single click!
    Our fully automatic photo optimization consists of complex…” Made me Perplex At First Glance ! …. That WAS BEFORE INSTALL !!!
    NOW IT IS ” Full version ” Ver. 5.0.7242.2… & EVERYTHING IS OK !
    THANK YOU ASHRAF , Tried it,Wonder Full … a User Friendly Interface …& The Zoom button in The Middle Screen is a Wonder !
    … How I Proceeded ? ( Win 7, 32 bit) ; Before Launching The Program-Installer Coshed The 2 Squares & Clicked Owner-Website Link(accepted cookies & left page open till the end ! ),Then Followed The Given Instructions.Good Luck For Others.

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    I need registration key

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    Diogo Vasconcellos e Sá


    No License Key for SIMPLY GOOD PICTURES 5?

    Diogo Vasconcellos e Sá

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    The entered licence key has already been used.
    Can I get another one?

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    Unfortunately, I can’t exactly review this product. It downloaded okay, but every link related to it (including my download which did this instead of installing the program) opened a page that was named the SharewareOnSale Download Hub. This page prompted me to let it help me download and install the software. But it was already downloaded! But I’m no computer geek so I went ahead and said ok and all it did was direct me back to the page that Shareware had the software listed on.
    What a huge waste of time. I had another download that wouldn’t open either. Why promote something that clearly isn’t on the same page as this website or people who’d like to utilize their program. I mean, if you changed your mind about offering it to people for free, just take your item off the “for sale” table, geez.

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    after many steps of installig its dont work!?successfully installs, but does not run.Im sorry about you.

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