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    Have something to say about Simply HDR? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Simply HDR, post it here! If you know of issues with Simply HDR, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    This Version is v3.2.15 (not v3.25).

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    No “Register” under “Help”.

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    Simply HDR is quite easy to use, light in weight with many original filters and effects which makes it interesting to test.
    It can also be configured and saved with our personalized settings.
    In conclusion, this software has a lot of potential, it will now be part of my Post Processing tools, a big thank you for the offer!


    Simply HDR est plutôt simple d’utilisation, léger en poids avec de nombreux filtres et effets originaux ce qui le rend intéressant à tester .
    Il est aussi paramétrable et enregistrable avec nos réglages personnalisés .
    En conclusion ce logiciel a beaucoup de potentiels, il fera partie à présent de mes outils en Post Traitement, un grand merci pour l’offre !

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    There is absolutely no way to register.

    No registration window. How to register?

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    Registering worked fine for me as per the instructions:
    HELP -> REGISTER from within the main program window


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    That’s the problem: in the main program window there is nothing like “Register” under “Help”.

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    No REGISTER for me either!

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    I did my regular Restore Point, Capture every setup screen, and log all changes to the OS. I also was not able to Register the software (No REGISTER under the HELP menu).

    The same program and version was offered on 2022-02-28. Both setup files have the same MD5 HASH (B464ED72 816E60FF FCC7504B 1AB762E7) so they are the same. I always capture every screen of setups, so I checked the setup steps for the 2022 install. After the installation, I did get to register the program. That install was on a different computer.

    I did a System Restore for the setup, then installed the program again using the setup from 2022. Again, there was no REGISTER under HELP.

    One thing is different that I have left off. The 2022 install was onto a Windows 7 Pro OS. My install today is on a Windows 10 Pro OS.

    Luckily I have a Windows 7 Pro that has not had the program installed onto it previously. I was curious, so I installed the setup from todays offer, and I did get the REGISTER option.

    Therefore, the difference may be that this program on Windows 7 (Pro for me) can Register the key, but not on Windows 10 (Pro or possibly any version of Windows 10).

    One user reported that the installation worked fine for them but we do not know what OS it was on. That install could have been on a Windows 7 OS; we don’t know.

    If anyone has a Windows 7 PC, see if it will allow you to register the software. Regardless, to help others report back what you find.

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    No registration with Windows 10? Hard to imagine.

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    This morning I asked for advice from JixiPix support.

    „If there is no Help->Register then you are good to go. No need to worry about it.

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    There is HELP–>REGISTER when I successfully install using Windows 11 64-bit. And yes, it is v3.2.15

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