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    Have something to say about Smarty Uninstaller? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Smarty Uninstaller, post it here! If you know of issues with Smarty Uninstaller, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Revo Uninstaller vs Smarty Uninstaller… Wich better? I’m curious tô see opinions.

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    J’ai installé puis essayé le logiciel Smarty Uninstaller et je suis satisfait pour les services rendus par ce dernier.
    C’est un logiciel très efficace dont l’utilisation est simple.

    P.S : Le logiciel AnyVid n’a pas voulu fonctionné après son installation.

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    Merci pour vous.

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    Valerii K-k

    Програмка впевнено почувається в ряду подібних. Гарний інтерфейс, зручне керування додають свої бали. Безкоштовна версія – чудовий подарунок для експериментаторів ПК:-)

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    I find it rather unwieldy, unhandy, and eneficient.

    After having removed an unwanted program, I was surprised to see Smart Uninstaller jump into a window showing remnants, if any, of the removed program, but here is the problem I have encountered: the main window (GUI) disappears. And there is no “Go Back” button, so if you have two programs to remove you are forced to restart the program and wait until it populates the GUI again. Rather inefficient operation.

    For that reason I am going to stick to my free REVO uninstaller.

    Tested the program on my win 10 32 bit machine.

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    Yau KW

    In the main giveaway page of Smarty Uninstaller, I note that there are some FEATURED REVIEWS but it is odd that the review from MALIK is latest (Jan 29, 2018) but not sitting at the topmost nor bottom. I think these FEATURED REVIEWS should be sorted by date (Descending preferred). It would be also more informative if the version of the software reviewed could be provided.

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    Don Green

    You say the program has built in registration; but on installation, it says “the licence has expired” and directs you to “renew” (i.e.”buy”) a license at a discounted price. So now the previously installed giveaway version is gone.

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    Peter Blaise

    [@yataguebou] you ambiguously leave us wondering what the “latter” is — Revo or Smarty.

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    after i shall use this uninstaller i may tell something
    -just few things.what else to say do you want to tell stories ?

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    Peter Blaise

    Ooops, it says a 76 MB program uses 76 GB of disk space — wow, so if I uninstall that, will I get 76 GB of free space?

    ( If I install that program 1,000 times, and then uninstall each of them, will I get 7 TB free space? )

    I prefer free IObit Uninstaller, and it’s [ Cleanup Residual ] tool.

    BUT, this program, [ Smarty Uninstaller ] from [ SmartUninstall.com ] from [ OneSmarty ] ( they can’t get a name straight … ) has an interesting feature:

    [ Snapshot Install ]

    … which promises to compare before and after information so we can see what an installer program really does ( such as GOTD’s Activator ) …

    … BUT IT DOESN’T, it just watches, and makes NO REPORT!

    So, the feature has no benefits?

    And [ Move Application ] creates a ‘fake’ junction point from the local machine, but does NOT create a reinstallation package for installation elsewhere, ( as Quarterdeck Clean Sweep originally did before Symantec gobbled them up and killed it ) … yet Smarty Pants Uninstaller seems STUCK with no [ Cancel ] button as I try to move a program, to test, I manually entered a network address to move to, HA …lock up, I used Windows Task Manager to kill it.

    BE CAREFUL — the default sort is 32-bit program list first, then another list of 64-bit programs, so you MUST click on the [ Name ] header if you want to see, for example, ALL ‘J’ Java installations to compare and uninstall deprecated versions — I have the newest Java v162 installed, and the unsecure Java v151 is still hanging around, but Smarty Pants Uninstaller didn’t know how to show me all Java installations all together as a default choice of list display — I had to look and read 2 unrelated alphabetical lists of programs ( as if I care to sort by 32-bit, THEN read a separate list of 64-bit programs ! ) … at least it remembers my list-sort preference when I exit, and uses it on my next Smarty program open.

    ( The software designers are NOT end users, and have become inured to seeing their own program as if for the first time, as we do — they probably like the supposedly deeper tech stuff, I guess. )

    You can highlight ( [ Shift ] or [ Ctrl ] click ) more than one program to uninstall at once.

    Once you click [ Uninstall ], it doesn’t confirm in the next pop-up windows what you are installing, BUT there is a one-at-a-time title in the program’s own tray, look there, otherwise, guess what’s it’s gonna install … and hope you and the program agree on what was highlighted, especially if you highlighted something that scrolled off screen before clicking [ Uninstall ] — free IObit Uninstaller shows you the list of things about to be uninstalled and THEN asks for permission … but IObit is up to v7.2, and Smarty is at v4.8 … c’mon, catch up, guys!

    IObit Uninstaller sitting in the background automatically recognized the old versions of Java being removed by Smarty, and IObit updated it’s own list automatically, immediately, no delay — nice ( neither program found residual files after Java removed itself ).

    In Smarty, I LIKE that you can click on [ Advanced Details ], [ Registry ] and immediately edit registry entries for the selected installed program, such as making the [ DisplayName ] clear and unambiguous, especially when the original software programmers forgot to self-identify clearly — I just “cleaned up” a bunch of crappy entries so my installed program list reads much better for my needs BUT … IObit needed to exit and reload to ‘learn’ my new names ( “Apple QuickTime” replacing “QuickTime”, for example ), but Smarty AND Windows NEVER LEARNED the new name! ( Note, free http://x-setup.net/ add the feature of finding installed programs with NO NAME in the [ DisplayName ] field, and let’s you identify and edit them via their [ System ], [ Software Installation ], [ Add or Remove Programs ], [ Add or Remove Programs List Editor ], [ Edit CMD… ] and [ Edit Name… ] controls — X-Setup is an ancient program that STILL edits the registry SAFELY on Windows 10 even, and can record your changes as a script to use to modify subsequent computers the same way — there were some terrific programmers who got scooped up and disappeared, drat! )

    The [ Create report ] is a nice HTML list of installed programs with ( some ) web links ( that don’t necessarily work ).

    The [ Advanced Details ], [ Registry ] view window contents can’t be sorted ( in spite of a sort by column marker ) and the columns can’t be resized, so the information is effectively hidden, you have to click on each item to see the full registry entry, and when you [ Close ] one to look at the next registry entry, it leaves the entire [ Advanced Details ] window altogether, and you have to re-enter the [ Advanced Details ] screen over and over to review and or edit every and or any registry entry.

    [ Tools ], [ Add Application Manually ] seems private, as neither Windows nor IObit not X-Setup sees a new entry created by Smarty … so what’s it for if it can’t ‘talk’ to the rest of our own computer, eh?

    I’ll keep Smarty as an observational tool, but use other programs to do the actual work — there are to many errors and quirks in Smarty at the moment.

    Thanks for the chance to explore.

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    Thank you,Ashraf!

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    [@sonyc] Thanks for the in-depth analysis of the program. Yep, strange name for an uninstaller :) .

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    James Wilson

    @Peter Blaise

    I do not often leave comments here but I wished to say thank you. As opposed to the questionable reviews (in my opinion) found on the main product offer page your review and information are very useful and detailed in helping with my decision on this products usefulness (or lack thereof).

    Reading this I now know for sure my goto solution (Revo Uninstaller, Soft Organizer as a backup to Revo) is just fine.

    So thanks for taking the time, you have made a very useful contribution to the conversation.

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    Diogo Vasconcellos e Sá


    I already have a older version. Should I replace for this one? Thanks.

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