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    Have something to say about SoftOrbits Photo Editor Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than SoftOrbits Photo Editor Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with SoftOrbits Photo Editor Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Paul Goetz

    [ @Ashraf]
    Installed as directed, entered key and hit Register button. Got error ‘key does not match’

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    Judi G.

    Can not register…HELP menu doesn’t show the REGISTER button.

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    David Grimes

    I have the same problem as the comment above. It states the key does not match. The key license says it is a good number when I enter it (in green letters), but the popup says it does not match the product.
    I have a screen shot if that helps.
    I use to have version 5 from GiveAwayofTheDay.com, but opted for the version 6. I did uninstall all previous versions of the program before trying to install v6, now I have nothing.
    Let me know what to do.

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    Agy REG

    many times: “Error connecting to activation server”

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    Peter Blaise

    I pasted the serial number manually and the [ Register ] button stayed grayed out, I clicked [ Paste from clipboard ] and the exact same serial number appeared and then the [ Register ] button came alive and let me register, go figure.

    But SOPhE SoftOrbits Photo Editor v6 … is not IrfanView, and it’s not Photoshop.

    It can’t paste an image form the clipboard like Irfanview can.

    It can’t make local adjustment like Photoshop can.

    Worse, it does not seem to apply effect live but requires us to click [ Run ] to see the results, and then what, undo if we don’t like it and try again, and again, and again?

    I suggest that programmers study what already works for us and is popular and sophisticated, and at least match the competition.

    Thanks, SoftOrbits, keep developing this with an eye towards IrfanView and Photoshop.

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    many times: “Error connecting to activation server”

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    Tromperie. Il est indiqué licence à vie or j’ai activé le logiciel à son installation avec la clé de licence fournie. Il a bien fonctionné au début (mais ce n’est pas un logiciel si extraordinaire que ça, il y a mieux et gratuits) et maintenant il me dit que la période d’essai est terminée et qu’il faut que j’achète le logiciel. Alors je le désinstalle car il n’en vaut pas la peine, pas intéressant du tout.

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    Registrieren funktioniert nicht? Deinstallieren, Original Datei von der Webseite laden, installieren, registrieren funktioniert mit dem Schlüssel

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    I tried the program and I can say:
    that after removing the objects from the photo
    spots and scars remain in their place !?

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    Although the activation code is recognised as correct, when I click register it says “Error connecting to activation server”.
    This has happened repeatedly, so the software is not registered but a 10 day trial.

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    There is a problem with activation server. Key is valid but can’t registration. Any idea?

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    on the giveaway Photo Editor won’t activated it say ” error connecting activation server”

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    Stacey Allison

    I too had this same problem

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    Ira Wilsker

    [ @Ashraf]

    The activation code online and in the email did not work.

    It said that the code is valid but has already been used.

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