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    Have something to say about SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher? Say it here!

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    I downloaded SofOrbits Photo Retoucher, and it gave me a license Key, but it is not working this key, it has a letter extra in the last group (it should be 4 letter, but there are 5) i tried also to remove the last one, but it says it is not correct.

    in the web page that gives the instruction, you say that the software should ask me the key, but it doesnt ask, it say that is a 10 days trial, and i went in the menu to register and i discover the mistake of the key license.

    I’m sure you will do the needful to solve this matter

    best regards

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    Thanks you.

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    Installed and registered perfectly on Win 10 x64 HP. Will experiment with it later today. Thanks!

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    [ @andrea]

    Andrea….the registration number should look like this:
    xxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx and you should have it from the site
    where you got the downloaded information. After program is
    installed, you click on register and copy and paste that number.
    I had no problem installing it on Win10 Pro and registering the
    Thank you again Ashraf; nice program.

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    [ @andrea] Copy and paste the key to somewhere else first like NotePad and then copy it from there again and paste it into the program, if that doesn’t work, enter the key manually. I had the same issue with the key, there probably was some hidden format error in the receipt that would copy over in the clipboard otherwise.

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    Lazar Voin

    The first Group is XXXX (RET6 …) it is enough to delete one digit and retype it back and your Activate button will become active (Green)

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    Hello. I’d like to ask, which version of this is this…hmm, I think you know what mean. Currently, I have the Pro 5.0 Version. Thanks again for your great work.

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    J’utilise déjà ce logiciel SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher et je suis satisfait, rapide et contenant des fonctionnalités très utiles.Dans le domaine des images et photos ce logiciel est parmi les meilleurs.

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    Hervé Vandoorne

    Je rentre la clé celle-ci est valide.
    Quand je valide il me met comme message ” Erreur de connexion serveur d’activation ”

    Que faut-il faire ?

    Merci de votre réponse

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