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    Have something to say about Software Update PRO? Say it here!

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    Peter Blaise

    This has not worked for more than a year now, when trying to download any update, the little pop-up window says

    [ Status ] “failed(download failure)”.

    I wrote to Glarysoft and they said they have no problem.

    Does anyone have any success with this anymore?

    Specifically, we do not need to license the product, we can use it for ONE update or installation of ONE program at a time to test.

    All the “Pro” licenses does is supposedly allow us to update/install more than one program at a time.

    With or without “PRO” licenses, this software USED to work for at least ONE program update/install at a time.

    I responded in the affirmative to the Glary pop-up asking for firewall permission.

    I turned my firewall OFF to test.

    I have firewall-permission tools and I entered every .exe file in the
    [ C:\Program Files (x86)\Glarysoft\Software Update Pro ]
    directory to have Internet access through the firewall.

    I have no anti-malware program running.

    Windows 7 64 Pro, fully licensed, Dell and HP OEM legitimate, all updates, anti-malware scanned and clean, even booting into Safe Mode with Networking fails, any number of computers, all the same, Glary SUP Software Update Pro fails.

    – – – – –

    On another note, how are we feeling about supporting and allowing software from anti-democratic countries where their government may demand stealth access to the software vendor’s customers, and where our payments, if any, go to support anti-democracy behavior, deadly behavior?

    – – – – –

    Thanks for letting us explore this and share.

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    [@Peter Blaise]
    >”Does anyone have any success with this anymore?”

    I just installed this version to try it out. It identified one program that has an update, which I already knew about (had downloaded but just hadn’t got around to installing it). This time, I let Software Update Pro handle the update. After I clicked on the program to update, then clicked on Install, it showed the status as downloading, then moments later, it showed Finished. I checked the application it updated and it did install the latest version.

    It seems to be working fine here.

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