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    Have something to say about Steganos Tuning Pro Freemium? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Steganos Tuning Pro Freemium, post it here! If you know of issues with Steganos Tuning Pro Freemium, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Steganos Tuning Pro Freemium non activated with funtion Freemium(( Where is the serial number?((

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    Brak licencji wersji PRO

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    Thanks for the software. How to activate ?

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    not activation! not pr0 version! not key! not updat! tnx !

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    wayne kroncke

    SOS says the program is pre-activated, so no need to activate, but some of the more useful options are not activated unless you upgrade, presumably by paying for the license code. So it is apparently actually cripple-ware. I dislike buying software that doesn’t let you test all the functions first for a decent period before reverting to a free version with some options then requiring purchase.

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    Dilip Kumar

    Steganos Tuning Pro Freemium non activated with function Premium. Am I missing something

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    Peter Blaise

    NOT pre-activated,

    NO activation license,

    The program teases “Activate now for a special price”.

    If you try to activate it, they demand the “special” price of $50.

    Their web site promises that prices start at $24 — if you do NOT go through this SoftwareOnSale tease.

    This is ancient in PC-age terms, being a program not updated since 2017-09-21.

    The program window and info says FREE version.

    The program screen says PRO version.

    The free trial version promises Staganos is 7 days.

    Did they THINK what they are “giving away” is a free trail version for … longer than 7 days, perhaps?

    But this is not even a TRIAL version, since so much of it does NOT work at all.

    This software can’t perform the following of it’s own features:

    CAN’T Smart Update
    — CAN’T delete Internet History ( this is a Smart Update feature ?!? )
    — CAN’T shred deleted files ( this is a Smart Update feature ?!? )
    — CAN’T update drivers
    — CAN’T software update
    — CAN’T recover deleted files
    — CAN’T uninstall wizard ( this is a Smart Update feature ?!? )

    CAN’T Smart Turbo
    — CAN’T Optimize Startup
    — CAN’T Internet Tuning
    — CAN’T defragment drives
    — CAN’T optimize Windows services
    — CAN’T optimize Windows settings

    — CAN’T delete Windows font cache
    — CAN’T delete Windows thumbnails
    — CAN’T show items to be cleaned from the registry, CAN’T toggle invisible items on or off to be cleaned
    — CAN’T defrag the registry

    I imagine SOS approached Steganos and asked if they have anything they’d like to promote, and Steganos said, “sure, take this year-old sleeper and give it away” and casually walked away from even checking if they were offering anything of value, a sore and sorry behavior here on the part of Steganos, who COULD have generated goodwill here, and instead has sullied their name by carelessly throwing trash at us as if we are less then worthless to them, throwing disposable software at a market segment that they apparently consider disposable.

    If Steganos cannot make this right, then perhaps Steganos ought to be eliminated from SOS marketplace in the future.

    I’m just saying.

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    Le Thai

    This program is FREE version. If you try to activate it, they demand the “special” price of $50.

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    This is not the pro version as stated in the download.
    Pretty useless!!!

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    Просто фри версия.Зачем это нужно здесь?

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    This is a ripoff deal. That not like U guys. Shame on you!!!!!!!!

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    Peter Blaise

    The 7 day trial downloadable from the Steganos web site DOES function, and DOS say PRO in the program window and in the Program screen.

    BUT it is still more than a year-old software.

    BUT the software itself does not know it if is v2.3 or v2.6, very sloppy mismanagement.

    BUT it expires in 7 days.

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    Peter Blaise

    Actually Steganos Tuning Pro is an awkward, immature, ambiguous program, ANY freebie version from

    — FREE IObit,

    — FREE Glary,

    — FREE Wise,

    — FREE Ashmpoo,

    — FREE AusLogics,

    — FREE WinUtils,

    — FREE WinAero,

    — FREE Tweaking,

    — FREE CCleaner,

    — FREE SysInternals,

    — FREE Boost By Reason,

    — FREE Kerish Doctor,

    … and so on is much better and more modern.

    I just ran the full trial version of Steganos Tuning Pro downloaded from the web site, and it’s awful.

    Be grateful the giveaway doesn’t work, folks, skip this one, move on and have a great tomorrow.

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    Steganos Tuning Pro @ SOS shear waste of time !!!

    Please do not install.

    Full agreement with Mr Peter Blaise s comments.

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