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    Have something to say about Stress Processor? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Stress Processor, post it here! If you know of issues with Stress Processor, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Peter Blaise

    No, it does not slow the computer down.

    It preoccupies the program processing.

    It’s interesting to watch free Bitsum Process Lasso respond and report and throttle other things to keep the system as responsive as possible during testing.

    Depending on your power plan options, your computer will continue to run at full speed, just load free CPU-Id and watch the MHz lock in at maximum during test.

    Aside from the mislabeled feature ( NOT slowing the computer down ), this is useful as a reference tester, I guess.

    Suggestions for improvement:

    Include it’s own performance dashboard of computer performance and let us dial in a target, such as
    ( a ) pre test to show 100% CPU, drive, video, and I/O speeds
    ( b ) let us dial in a target % for CPU, drive, video, and I/O speeds.

    Right now I can use power plan controls to limit CPU to 50%, for example.

    And in terms of responsiveness, keyboard and mouse responsiveness are also part of our experience, why not control them, too?

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to v3 with all my suggestions incorporated.



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    Thank You!

    Stress Processor and oMega Commander – Good Software!
    Thank You Very Much!

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    Peter Blaise,

    Bitsum Process Lasso – Nonsense.
    That’s better and free.
    System Explorer 7
    http ://systemexplorer. net/
    Only supports – Windows XP – Windows 7 :(((

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    Peter Blaise

    [ @user]

    Ooo, free System Explorer is from 2015 and has one hit at VirusTotal ( trojan ).

    Free Bitsum Process Lasso is current and has no hits at VirusTotal.

    Free Microsoft SysInternals Process Explorer is current and has no hits at VirusTotal.

    I’ll check out System Explorer, but I need a safe cage to see why it gets a trojan alert.

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    Pylonos Support

    [ @Peter Blaise]
    Peter, thank you for checking Stress Processor!

    It’s not quite correct to compare Stress Processor with Bitsum Process Lasso or System Explorer.
    Stress Processor’s idea is much simpler. As of now the small tool just applies some load to the CPU, which may be useful in a number of ways to test other applications or systems under limited CPU resources.

    We don’t say that Stress Computer slows the computer down directly. Instead, by consuming some CPU resources, it can make the computer giving less computing time to other application, effectively slowing their execution. You may need to experiment with the priorities, pattern (style), number of stress threads to achieve the required effect. It may depend on the nature of the application, how multi-threaded it is, etc.

    Of cause that will cause all modern CPUs to run at full speed and drain more power, and potentially throttling if cooling can’t keep up, which may be another kind of a test by itself.

    Best Regards,
    The Pylonos Team.

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