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    Have something to say about SuperLauncher? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than SuperLauncher, post it here! If you know of issues with SuperLauncher, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Ed Smith

    I don’t understand. You promised free software, then gave me a trial version. What gives?

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    Eddy O.

    it is now 4 Hours after registering and I have not received any registration code for the software. And “yes” I checked my spam and junk email folders. :(

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    Alan W

    Got my code instantly although it was in the spam box.

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    Alan W

    [@Eddy O.]
    Read the instructions, it tells you how to get a key….

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    Alan W

    Sorry Eddy, the last post was meant for Ed Smith

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    Eddy O.

    Still no reg code. I wonder what happened?

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    Does not work, get the registration key in spite of proper registration and installation. What is the offer only to extort my details and email, and nothing of any registration code.

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    Registration while a little complicated, completed perfectly. Even confirmed each step on success.
    Reg.code in my gmail in 3 secs..
    Tried, for kicks, to register under my nick instead of my name, no dice. ;-D
    So guys, try again.

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    Eddy O.

    I am sending them a email at “contact@pcwinsoft.com” along with the SoS link to the offer so there is no confusion. I will explain nicely that I did not get the registration for “SuperLauncher”. However, in the past two days since I applied for the complimentary registration code I have received 6 (Six) emails advertising their other software products that I can purchase for a “On-Sale” price. (So it’s not like my Info did not get to them). I will keep you all posted on what happens!

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    Eddy O.

    Below is the email I sent them:

    I found your software program “SuperLauncher” on the SoS website, Link below:

    Free SuperLauncher (100% discount)

    A few days ago I registered and applied for the complimentary registration code but did not receive one. I made sure to also check my Gmail’s “Spam” folder to make sure that it didn’t go in there but I found nothing. Could you please investigate what happened? I would really like to take advantage of this offer and try out your software!

    Thank you for your time and efforts!

    Eddy O—–

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    Thank you for this great program!

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    John Roberts

    I have applied for a code many times and it has not been delivered – I have checked my spam folder – what gives.

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    David C. Metcalfe

    I received an earlier version of this in 2012, and the program shows me as already registered, so it won’t send me a new registration.
    When I register with the old code, it says that it is more than a year old and out of date.
    Should I just uninstall it?

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    John Roberts

    This is a copy of the email I sent them.


    I have asked for registration code to be sent many times but I have not received one – its not in the spam folder.
    Please explain.

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