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    neuci correa

    gosto muito de fotografia , sempre faço teste quando vem novidade , instalo vejo sues panorama e sua qualidade .

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    Anatoly Shadrov

    When launching Artplus ePix wallpaper calendar, I could not find the “register” option, so I do not know where to insert the SHAREWAREONSALE20 key

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    L. Stevens

    Immediately after installing and registering the software I am presented with an ePixEditions window that reads,

    “Additional content may already be available Online. Would you like to check it now?”

    Since we cannot update or the giveaway will be null and void, I need to know, would getting additional content be equivalent to updating? I haven’t even tried the program yet so I don’t want to void it by getting this content.


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    L. Stevens,

    This will not affect the giveaway license. It’s not the upgrade but additional content that usually consists of some free images added to your “subscription”. This may even bring a minor updates but this too is okay to download.

    You may eventually even get a free upgrade some day. Giveaway terms simple mean that such upgrades, while possible, are not promised.

    Hope this clarifies the situation a bit :)


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    I don’t know why, but I already posted the reply to your question twice, and it’s still not showing… maybe because it included some links…

    Anyway, this is the third attempt, as I see my reply to L. Stevens went through instantly…

    You must enter the code during the installation. If you you skipped that part, only the free version will get installed. Run the installer again and enter the code in the first step of installation!

    I have an illustration, but I will not risk adding it here as it looks like this action blocks the post. Probably until a moderator checks it. Anyway, I guess the earlier posts will eventually pop, and in the meantime maybe this will help.


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    Dave Cole

    Downloaded and installed with no problems. Looks like a keeper!

    I found that I had to load the program from the task tray, which is easy enough. But when I load it, the setup menu and a note appear. When I exit the setup menu, the screen closes, too. I tried all of the other options under the icon in the task tray to no avail, and checked to see if I had to set it as the screen saver. What am I missing?

    As a side note, I downloaded all of the pictures. Personally, I feel that they are all too “busy” – it would be nice to have “simple” pictures, like a few clouds in a vast expanse of a blue sky, or perhaps just an empty screens with selectable colors.

    Thanks, Ashraf and EPix! Everybody stay safe – we need people like you!

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    [ @Dave Cole]
    Hi Dave,

    Have you tried the icons embedded into the picture? There are few, gray/transparent icons that can toggle notes, calendar and icons. No need to go to the tray unless you need to make more advanced settings.

    But if you already opened the Settings from the tray, you can actually use colors instead of images! If you “Hide Images” under Image Position menu at Images tab, you’ll see your default Windows background color under the calendar. You can change the color through Windows Desktop “Personalize” options.

    Hope this helps.


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