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    Have something to say about TranscriptSnagger? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than TranscriptSnagger, post it here! If you know of issues with TranscriptSnagger, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Activation code not working if you copy and paste. Must write/typed by hand to work.

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    Richard Boisvert

    Activation code not working

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    I had tried this program before, it never worked.
    If someone had better results, would like to hear.

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    I was able to copy & paste the activation code without any problems.
    But when I copied & pasted youtube video URLs, it always comes up & says that there are no transcripts available.
    So I am wondering why or how this program would be useful if there are no transcripts.

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    [@Bob] This only applies for videos with Subtitles/Closed Captions, when you search for a video on YT, you can filter the results for videos with Subtitles/CC. Those should work, videos that don’t have them obviously don’t work because TranscriptSnagger is just a downloader for transcripts, not a generator of some sorts. All videos i found and tried so far worked.

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    [@Bob] would love to know that too.
    What does this program actually do? :O

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    Patrick Besong

    If the registration is not working, you may be accidentally copying a space before or after the name or activation code. Also you MUST use the name given or it will not work.

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    Patrick Besong

    Please be aware of how TranscriptSnagger works. It is for videos that already have caption files uploaded for them. It will not work for non-captioned or auto-generated captions. Check the cog wheel on the playbar of video you want to use to see if it has captions uploaded for it. It will list them by language.

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    Patrick Besong

    TranscriptSnagger allows you to download the captions for YouTube videos that have been captioned already. You can also download them as text transcripts instead. Try doing a search for Ted Talks. They are usually captioned and you can download the captions from them to see how it works.

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    I tried on a video that I have already verified it has an SRT and VTT file, but the program reports:
    Error code: 0 – A connection to YouTube was not able to be established.
    Check your internet connection and try again.

    My Internet connection is fine, and I can view the YouTube video, so TranscriptSnagger is somehow being blocked, and thus offers no value at all unless it can clarify how it connects and what the possibilities could be when it cannot connect.

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    Patrick Besong

    I don’t know. That rarely happens unless there is some interruption. Try other videos too.

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    >”I don’t know. That rarely happens unless there is some interruption. Try other videos too.”

    I tried several including the TED Talks. All have the same issue. The problem is not with the video, it is with the method that Transcript Snagger connects to YouTube. Without knowing what that is and what to change by the user, the program fails to do as advertised.

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    Activation code not working!
    I tried copy and paste.
    I tried write/typed by hand – not working :-(

    Registration Name: SHAREWAREONSALE PROMO

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    Patrick Besong

    It should work. It is case sensitive too. You MUST use the name supplied. You can’t use any name with the activation code.

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