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    Probably you had an older giveaway. Delete the license manually as I describe above, then enter the new key.
    Alternatively, you may just wait for the old license to expire and then insert the new one.

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    If I DO let the old License expire first, will this License provide a further 12 months of use from the time that the previous License expires? Or will it just still expire in 12 months from now?

    I’m just curious to know.



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    No, the license will expire on 5/1/2023 no matter the time you activate it.
    I just pushed an update that allows you to remove an existing license. (2.3252).


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    Works Good! Is Portable, so yo can Move “Turbo Play” as instructed below.
    When you start a Project, CHOOSE the drive and folder where you want the Project to go,
    such as esp. Audio Project or Video Project to drive “X: Video” folder
    I clicked at Bottom Left, LICENSE,, Then put the License Key Code in.
    It said “Your License is Valid, Mail: ga12@turbo-play.com Type of License: Power User”

    No admin is required. Turbo Play is installed per current user. For simplicity, it doesn’t ask you for an installation folder, it goes automatically to c:usersusernameAppDataLocalTurbo Play folder, but the installation is portable. If you want, you may move all the Turbo Play files into any other directory or to another PC without the installer. You can even extract the MSI package with 7zip.
    Turbo Play will update itself when run for the first time and will automatically update itself each time a new update is released. There are a lot of updates, perhaps daily. Don’t panic!
    In x64, both the x64 and the x86 versions are installed.
    Windows 10 (Audio and Video features), Windows 11 fully supported.
    Windows 7 (Audio features and limited video)

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    Hello. The license has to be removed manually, please contact us through facebook (https://www.turbo-play.com -> fb chat link) to help.

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