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    Have something to say about Turbo Play? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Turbo Play, post it here! If you know of issues with Turbo Play, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Michael Chourdakis

    I’m here to help.

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    Jerry Sindo Garcia

    Thank you, now I can try this software.

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    license key is not working

    this is the key

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    Check for spaces, this is the correct key.

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    Immediately after installing, then starting, there is a popup that states “There is a newer Turbo Play version available. Update now?”

    The License code text states that we get free updates for one year, therefore, I updated.
    The license code text also states: “To register Turbo Play you need to click the red button that says MY LICENSE and then click ENTER LICENSE KEY. That is where you must enter the above given license key. Enjoy!”

    Starting the program, there is no Red button. There is a menu option at the bottom left labeled “MY LICENSE.” When clicked, there is a small dialog that states:
    Your license is valid.
    Also, there is a line that states: Expires: 10/5/2022

    I already have an installed version from May 5th, 2021, exactly one year before that date. Does that mean there is no way to enter the new license code?

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    Hello. The license has to be removed manually, please contact us through facebook turbo-play.com -> fb chat link to help.

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    “Your key was not found”.
    The above message is what i see after installing and entering the key.

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    Probably some temporary server downtime due to overload. Try again in a few minutes (or find me through facebook turbo-play.com -> chat) to help.

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    >”Hello. The license has to be removed manually, please contact us through facebook turbo-play.com”

    A lot of SoS users do not use Facebook, and the user is presented with an option “I do not use Facebook” etc. (myself included).

    Since others may benefit from the same information, this “Discussion” forum would be the best place to publish the information. I’m interested since the version I had installed previously (3.23) had an error:
    “Turbo Play has detected an invalid operation.”

    I would like to try this version out for as long as new users are getting. Can you help us out?

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    The old license is in APPDATA\Turbo Play or %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbo Play as license.txt

    Delete it and restart Turbo Play.

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    John Stampfel

    This looks like a terrific program. I grabbed it because of the ability to produce animated handwriting. Turns out one must download a special module, apparently from github, and add a python instance. That is OK, but not obvious. One must toggle on the Menu bar and select handwriting in the Animations. It then asks you to download. But EVERY TIME?! Something is wrong. I tried on two machines. It puts folders in my Documents folder, not a Programs or even AppData folder. No choice given on install of where to put these. Not good! (My Documents are sync’d to OneDrive. I don’t want this program going there. What is wrong?)
    I can’t get the video preview to show on one machine. Documentation manual is not adequate. Video tutorial on YouTube has no descriptive text or audio.
    This program has a HUGE number of features for video and audio editing and construction. But it seems to have some deficiencies. How do I change the scale of the timeline? I’m using an up-to-date Windows 10 64bit.

    Perhaps biggest issue immediately is where it is putting all the folders. That needs to be set during install.

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    Where is the red button?
    If you write the key in “My Note: if you have Just Purchased A Turbo Play License, Please Note That It Takes a Few Minutes for the Database to Be Updated. If You Can’t Activate Your Key After 24 Hours, Please Contact.

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    Hello. The ‘red button’ is from the old description. Now you have it at the bottom of start screen as ‘My License’.

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    today i installed the program.
    i clicked on “my license”
    there is no place to insert “license key”
    instead i got window that show me: “your license is valid……. expires: 6.6.2022”
    but i saw in: Terms and Conditions – This is a 1-computer 1-year license
    and not half year !!!
    something wrong

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