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    John Walker

    I am very interested in what you have. My Dad could speak 31 languages, 8 of them fluently eg
    German (M.A. in German), French (lifetime president of the Alliance Francais), Russian (Russian government paid for Dad n Mum to do a world tour across Russia on the Great Siberian Railway, to Moscow and an invited guest of the government to the May Day military parade in Red Square at the height of the cold War, a high honour indeed) and also Italian, Spanish, Yugoslav Serbian, Polish, and Chinese Mandarin. And an OBE from the Queen for services to sport and languages.

    I am a computer programmer, on a massive project to help Deaf People. I have language translation as a feature, and have simple sentences in 30 languages doing auto translations (from English text to ??? anything text and audio.
    I am hence VERY interested in your stuff.

    The problem is, your website seems quite sub-standard in showing us what you have got, details of it, screen shots, who can use it, feature comparisons with competitors maybe (if you really ARE good), how many words for each language, and several other things. Eg it mentions I can see a list of languages, but I could NOT find it. So one wonders if your site was designed by either Mickey Mouse or Goofy. What else could a reasonable person conclude ? Because of your invitation to give feedback (real good idea), I am giving my time to help you.

    No doubt you have put a massive effort into what you have got. All you need to do now is make a solid effort to make it lovable for us, your potential customers. GUI is so so so important. I have 19 books on it. Your managers and developers need a few of them. And if the website IS as hopeless as what is in front of me, how can you guys EVER recover your money ?

    I also do critiques of websites for others. Many have 60 items that need attention. Least I ever found was 30, the most ever was 270 items. You guys ? >> I dunno, but it WILL be lots. Need I say more. I will come back later, to see if things are better and I wanna be a customer. Hope that you hear me.

    Cheers from John Walker john.walk209@gmail.com

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