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    Have something to say about VEGAS Movie Studio 13? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than VEGAS Movie Studio 13, post it here! If you know of issues with VEGAS Movie Studio 13, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    What is the Authentication Code?
    I can’t see the email..

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    I am so glad that I cannot say that I am perfect…………..I have downloaded and installed this software and had no trouble at all by following your directions Ashraf. Again, thank you for putting up with comments from people who apparently have never maintained a website and have no knowledge of what it takes. Yes, the link is incorrect, but if you know computers and take a little time to think it through, anyone can come up with the correct website for this software. People, do not take your frustrations out on Ashraf…………..people like me would not know what to do if he gave this site up by listening to comments from frustrated people. Let’s all treat people like you would like to be treated and appreciate all the software he has linked us too throughout the life of this website as well as his other website. Thanks Ashraf!!

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    Dee Kay


    Downloading Vegas Movie Studio 13 aborts after about 100 MB have been downloaded. Repeated attempts to complete download have failed. Clicking on the link provided still fails to complete the download.

    I run Windows Vista Ultimate and have had no problems downloading from Shareware before.

    Kindly advise.

    Dee Kay

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    Zoltán Zatykó

    Vegas would not install on my windows 32 bit because of compatibility problems.

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    Vegas would not install on my windows 32 bit because of compatibility problems.

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    This offer is for Vegas Movie Studio 13. I could not find a direct link for it but here is the link for version 14:

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    The offered product is for 64bit only, however, download the 32bit from their website and all is well with the codes. Hope those with 32bit machine find this post useful.

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    [@macy] The offered version is 13. Does the codes work with 32 bit 14 as well?

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    Sets off too many administrator/UAC warnings. I got multiple warnings during the install (somewhat expected, but not that many) and then I got two after starting it before I even entered the registration key!
    Uninstalled. Too many privacy worries there.

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    [@Zoltán Zatykó]


    [@macy] 32-bit download added.

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    Buenas, quisiera el programa sony vegas!! gracias

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    I’ll start with the cons because I do not have the experience to name many Pros.


    (1) This is an old version, it is V13 not the current V14
    (2) This was sometimes called Sony Vegas Movie Maker, and Sony is not a company to trust
    (3) Once it installed, I had a little trouble finding it, I did not find a desktop link. Searching for ‘Vegas’ found the installer file, not the installed product. Search for “Movie Studio” to find it. (Windows 10)
    (4) In order to use, this REQUIRES that you give it an email and physical address and agree to Magix.com terms. I saw no really bad thing in the terms.


    (1) I could not find any spyware, background services or weird stuff after this installation, so it looks clean.
    (2) there are videos on youtube to so you how to use this product. Search Youtube.com for Movie Studio. My current favorite is “Beginners Guide for Vegas Movie Studio 14 Platinum (How to use)”
    Of course he says the current version fixes a lot of bugs (See ‘Con’ number 1 above)

    Since I do not want to learn movie editing with buggy software and the current version cost $50.00 (until Feb 13 when it goes up to $100.00) I will most likely uninstalled this and learn movie editing with some other software.

    Note that buying V14 for $50.00 appears to give you a V15 upgrade at some point.

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