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    Have something to say about VeloRAM Personal Edition? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than VeloRAM Personal Edition, post it here! If you know of issues with VeloRAM Personal Edition, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Jim Stone

    How, exactly, is this different from the disk caching built into Windows?

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    It’s the basic version (4 Gb ram for 1 disk only) and as decribed, it requires a reboot each time
    you make/unmake a cache-disk. Thanks, but no thanks.

    And your website is a pity : don’t you know a REAL french guy who can do the translation for you ?
    Il you use any text translator, well drop it, and try another one !

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    Não abriu no windows 10.
    Foi instalado corretamente mas não abre.

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    Server not found if i activation program.

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    only 4gb for cache…no comulative cache….performance is good for a ssd plus hd .

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    the kid

    1 / 66
    One engine detected this file
    SHA-256 c9aebdf129639800356dbdc0bac2c97d75169369c23ed6556309a59c652a6452
    File name VeloRAM Personal Edition.exe
    File size 55.57 MB
    Last analysis 2018-08-05 14:35:56 UTC
    Zillya Backdoor.DarkKomet.Win32.45306

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    Downloaded, and installed. Had inserted activation key as specified, and then went back to do some work with it, and see what it would do, program said trial was over, not even in use 1 hour. And activation key stated that the activation was lifetime. Since when is a lifetime less than 60 min???

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    I installed all 3 programs of the suite. NONE OF THEM RAN. I have windows 10 pro X64. Uninstalling them.

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    Big JJ

    If it were not for this free software, I would have never been able to fix the issues that some FuccTard hacked into my Network, but I got him/her, traced to Northern Vancouver Washington… Thank You!>..

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    [ @Adrian]

    Sounds similar to the experience I had. Installed and activated okay, license seemed to stay active, however even though it was listed in the startup settings to load on Windows start it would not work unless I manually ran the software every single time I started the PC.

    But, no matter how many times you uncheck to TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATE CHECKS, each time you run the software it rechecks it, so turning that function off to maintain a lifetime license may not work. So, my point being, how can someone be sure that it wont auto update and lose the license when it wont effectively allow you to uncheck the auto update check function.

    From what little I used the software it did seem to make things a little more zippier, but it appears that it changes settings for the hard drive speed so perhaps that is something someone with a few tweaks could do on their own.

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    Vorsicht bei dem Tool VeloRAM.
    Das eingebundene Laufwerk (Partition) war auf einmal im Explorer verschwunden. Grund: Es fehlte der Lauferksbuchstabe.
    Das Problem: Es war nicht möglich dem betroffenem Volumen einem Laufwerksbuchstaben zuzuweisen. Selbst mit dem Tools EaseUS Partition Master 11 war das nicht (Fehlermeldung) möglich.

    Das Tool VeloRAM hatte wohl irgendetwas verbogen.

    Die Lösung:
    Im Gerätemanager das betroffene Laufwerk (Volumen) deinstallieren und den PC neu starten. Das Laufwerk war
    mit zugewiesenem Laufwerksbuchstaben jetzt wieder im Explorer sichtbar und ansprechbar.
    Also Vorsicht!!!!

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    Gian Covre

    For me, doesnt work. After install and restart, the app doesnt start. Tried reinstall, still not working.

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    Peter Blaise

    Seems okay, WeloRAM behaves in Windows the way the [ Config . sys ] commands of FILES and BUFFERS did for DOS — cache read / write activity.

    My computer is stable and responsive, and Boot by Reason and Bitsum Process Lasso seem calmer, so I guess they all work together pretty well ( I have YLComputing Memory Optimizer and Microsoft SysInternals Process Explorer running also, as well as GlassWire and PeerBlock and Kerish Doctor and HDSentinel, and GreatIs UnHackMe is scanning for malware, Google Chrome has 19 open tabs, and Windows Explorer has had a handful of windows open and closed — pretty busy and yet stable and responsive for hours, no hesitation, no pause, no lockup — old 2260 MHz x2, 4 GB RAM, Windows 7-64 ).

    “… Cylance Unsafe 20180807 …” at VirusTotal just tells me that Clyance ( who is Clyance ? ) is unable to communicate, but says nothing about this program.

    Nice little toy, I’ll keep playing with it on even older, slower computers to see if it can smooth them out, too.


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