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    Have something to say about VivPDF Editor? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than VivPDF Editor, post it here! If you know of issues with VivPDF Editor, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Doris and the Boyss

    Installed and registered easily on Win 10. I see that despite unchecking the option of making this program my default pdf program, it tried to do so anyway and was prevented by Win 10. That does not make me happy.

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    I see that despite unchecking the option of making this program my default pdf program, it tried to do so anyway

    Yes I had the same problem – in my case it succeeded and I had to reset to my default pdf program.
    Mind you this does seem to be a good pdf editor. I nearly didn’t download it as there are so many so-called pdf ‘editors’ that turn out not to be able to edit the existing text – they just ‘paste’ over the top.
    This one really does properly edit the existing text, so I’m very pleased to have it. It does have the same problem though as a lot of pdf editors, in that if you try to edit text where the full character set hasn’t been saved in the pdf and you type a character that doesn’t exist in the document in that font, then it does a substitution – i.e. it doesn’t use the same font. It does a reasonable job at choosing a substitution font though.
    It seems fairly easy to use and intuitive.
    It also has digital signing, which is nice

    Shame it is just a one-year licence.

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    oh dear it seems that every time you open it – it sets itself back to being the default pdf program – that is a bit rude!

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    Doug Ames

    Does the software stop working after one year, or there’s just no more support after one year?

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    [ @Doug Ames] It is a 1-year license, so it will stop working unless you purchase it.

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    Scott James

    The description isn’t clear, but this isn’t the pro version (despite it saying “VivPDF is a professional PDF editing tool”. This is the mere basic version we are offered. I am a “pro” kind of guy, so I won’t be using this.

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    Tried a few edits and it looks pretty impressive. Many options and good help section, although these could be shortened in length. I’m unsure why the program wants to make changes to my device every time it’s run. Might click No next time and see what happens!
    Where does it say this is a 1 year licence?

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    [ @Scott James] Its their Std edition. See http://www.vivpdf.com/shop/buy-vivpdf-editor.html — scroll to the bottom.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    It changed my default multiple times as well, which is a real nuisance. My initial reactions are that it is the fastest pdf viewer I have, but if I am viewing a lengthy document, it wants me to page through all the pages to get to the page I want. I expect to be able to indicate which page I want to jump to, and have that occur, e.g., I should be able to get to page 236 of a 400 page document without paging through the first 235 pages, and I didn’t find a way to do that with this software. In addition, I realize now – but didn’t prior to downloading and installing – that it is the standard version. If you want to introduce a new player into the crowded pdf landscape, you need to showcase ALL that it can do in the time-limited versions you are offering. All that I could do, other than viewing and paging through multiple pages, was highlight and split the document. Presumably you need to have the pro version to do more. I already have Adobe Acrobat, Nuance PDF Converter Professional, Finereader, Omnipage, and various other editors/viewers that do as much, and often more, than this software does and do it in an easier, or at least a more intuitive manner, than this software. Perhaps I should only compare it to Acrobat’s “little brother” types of software, the ones that cost less than $50. I have a lot of those, too. While this software says it does things that the “little brothers” can’t, to stand out as a newcomer in the crowded pdf field, they need to showcase the advanced features, and those features need to work well. Just a suggestion . . . .

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    Escroquerie. Le serial est refusé. Version d’essai. Sans interet

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    The product says that it handles editing of PDF Forms. I have a PDF file where there are underlined blanks that I would like to convert to empty text blocks to be filled out by someone who does not have this product. I can’t find a way to do this with ViaPDF. Am I missing something?

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    Ron F

    I like the Shareware on sale version so I paid to upgrade to the PRO version. I was sent the key for the standard edition, not the pro edition. Not sure who to contact to get the correct key?

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    Uninstalled, because it changed my default pdf viewer multiple times.
    I think Ableword is an optimal freeware alternative: http://www.ableword.net/

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