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    Have something to say about Vole Office Ultimate Edition LTUD? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Vole Office Ultimate Edition LTUD, post it here! If you know of issues with Vole Office Ultimate Edition LTUD, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Mao Mig

    Avast report VoleOffice.exe as a virus. It’s a false positive or potential virus?

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    Problem with installation; message error code 2203

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    LibreOffice is far better. Why pay for this? Even Google Drive apps handle this and slice turnips too?

    And Chinese softwares… not so trustworthy.

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    Cannot really review the software since I could not get it to work so my rating is for that.

    First, I followed the rather tedious steps to create account, get license, etc. Once done there I installed the software. The installation window with its 1980s early computing looking text was a bit of a surprise but I continued on. Avast saw it as a virus, I allowed it. After installation, upon launch I got an error about network feature not available. (HUH?!) Closed and relaunched and got an error about an app data temp file. Third time got an error about a “.msi” file not available.

    Wasted enough time on this, uninstalled and canceled the account I had to create on their site to get license. Thanks anyway, SOS team.

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    Stan Hood

    [ @Ashraf] I keep getting code# 2503 when trying to install the software.

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    [ @Stan Hood] Error code 2503 is a permissions error. You need to either allow full control for the C:\WINDOWS\TEMP folder, or install the program using elevated privileges.

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    1. Heavyweight program
    2. You do things in the program, and when you click on x, the program silently closes
    Conclusion: I’d rather use the program “SoftMaker Office Standard 2012” (though incomplete compatibility with Exsel).

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    What looks (to me) very suspicious:
    1. Comparing to comments, there are too many positive voters, as well as on the site of “giveawayoftheday”, where this is offered, too!
    smells stinky
    2. negative comments don´t seem to appear
    That´s additional disappointing

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    I sadly have to add:
    Taking into account the low quality of this product and that I and a 2 friends of mine
    voted (Yes) for Sebastián´s review, I doubt that I can trust this voting system (or someone (VOLE?)…) is busy in manipulating the results.
    That seems to are really bad news?!?

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    … and a (strange!!!) note:
    just tested (and verified!) :
    voting-results for reviews are ONLY shown, after having additional opend this “discuss offer” page!!!
    together with the (pretended?!) results for 76 % positive votes for this software (since hours…!!) this seems more than strange.

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    No one from any vendor, or even the site admin that I have seen, ever responds to items on this “discussion” page leading me to believe it is useless. Any discussion belongs on the same page as the give-away and reviews and, IMO, it is a poor design to have them separate like is done here. At least on GOTD, the discussion and reviews are in one thread on the main giveaway page, seen by all, and oftentimes someone from the community who knows an answer will see a question there and answer it.

    Additionally, I agree with your observation about the ratings being suspicious. The same thing is going on over at GOTD and the only common denominator is the vendor. I called them out for it over there.

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    BTW, regarding my comment above about this site, I just want to add that I greatly appreciate Ashraf and the team here and all they do and all the great offerings. My comments are meant solely to be constructive and in no way insulting.

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    Après un essai de ce logiciel, j’ai remarqué qu’il était simple et utile.
    Mais pour inscrire la clé, je n’ai pas pû, le HI, welcome en haut à droite ne fonctionne pas après les 2 clics.

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    When I executed the program for the first time it automatically ran a ‘Software compatibility checker’. Maybe you’re missing some of the listed programs. Here’s a picture of the list:

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