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    Have something to say about VSDC Video Editor PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than VSDC Video Editor PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with VSDC Video Editor PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Steven Dinh

    thankyou very much

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    Øyvind Høgmo

    Hi, I followed the instructions and when I to the part with registration… it didn’t work as told. It wouldn’t let me register with the license key that followed with VSDC VIDEO EDITOR PRO.

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    Wow! What an excellent program. Activation is easy and works. Everything else works straight out of the box. Thank you very much for this good program.

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    When i try to register on iphone i have always this error: impossible to connect. What a shame…

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    It’s impossible to redeem here on iphone. Always this error from appstore: impossible to connect. What’s wrong with the codes provided? Please fix this

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    [ @Steven Dinh] When I went to activate, I clicked on the Activation tab, but there was no Activate choice after that. No place to enter the activation key!
    Since the Activation tab gives no choice to activate, how do I activate the software with the key?

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    I had to activate a second time to get the Pro version (?).
    Thank you.

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    Jim Jones

    Doesn’t seem possible to download with hCaptcha and other nonsense.

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    J. Stampfel

    Download and installation on Windows 11 went smoothly. Install on iPhone XR iOS 15.5 not working. Installed, went to setting, Buy Pro, Redeem and paste code. With VPN on or off, using cellular data or wifi (same wifi as for Windows, and it worked for Windows redemption with VPN on) – Can’t Connect to upgrade to Pro on iPhone. I’ll try tomorrow, but this is annoying. This is a terrific editor.

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    W11 god install (64 bit) on top bar > activate. *be an admin* enter code> restart. > had to do it twice. Working and top right window mentions Licensed to Sha…..
    Now studying…..
    Thanks VSCD

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    This is a powerful and flexible video tool. Lots to learn but it all makes sense. Many videos on their site show how to do things, making it much easier to learn. Highly recommended!

    Downloaded, installed, recognized previous license — which is still good for a while :) — even after uninstalling the old version as recommended during the install process. Loaded one of my bigger old projects without errors. So they add new features while taking care to not break things!

    Windows 10.

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